Routt County Spotlight: Linda Corkadel


Age: Old enough

Occupation: Nurse, pain management coordinator at Yampa Valley Medical Center

Place of birth: Kansas City

Q. When did you move to Routt County and what brought you here?

A. We bought a condo when our daughter started Whiteman in 1991 and we moved to Africa. We needed a stateside home base and this is the best. We became full time in 1999.

Q. What's the biggest risk you've taken recently?

A. Getting Calloway, the new yellow Labrador puppy, against my husband's advise. She is a keeper.

Q. Describe your morning routine.

A. I'm a morning person. I get up early and walk or play with the dogs (Bogie and Calloway), have a cup of tea, and then decide it is time and rush to work.

Q. Have you ever had a book change your life? What was it and why?

A. Yes, "Malaria Dreams", an African travelogue. I thought it was funny until we were transferred to Lagos, Nigeria. On re-reading the book, I realized Nigeria was the country the author avoided at all costs. The book lost some of its humor but still rang very true.

Q. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

A. Treat each relocation (to exotic and less-than-exotic places) like a vacation and enjoy all the area has to offer.

Q. When you meet someone new, what are the first three things you tell them about yourself?

A. I like to travel, I like my job, and I could be a student forever.

Q. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A. It took me a while to decide that nursing was it, but it was the right choice.

Q. What kind of music did you listen to in high school? What kind of music do you listen to now?

A. Motown then and now, anything but rap.

Q. If you could invite any four people over for dinner, who would they be, what would you serve and what would you talk about?

A. This was a hard one. I would serve wonderful French food. I would invite Julia Child to help cook. Jimmy Buffet for the tales. Tiger Woods and Willie Nelson. We would talk about golf, great food and wild times.

Q. In the Meatloaf song, "I'll do anything for love, but I won't do that." What is "that"?

A. Have a snake in the house!


Book: There are too many great books to pick one.

Song: Any Jimmy Buffet

Color: Red

Food: Thai

Sport to watch: I don't really watch unless it is the final of a season.

Vacation spot: Any island with warm, clear water.


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