blues-funk-fusion boogie rock

Band covers all genres, doesn't want to be pegged


With a slide guitar that sounds almost like a washboard and a growling lead guitar, the four-member band, Music Juice, introduces its brand of Colorado grown blues.

Guitar player Ian Lipovsky called it, for the sake of this article, "blues-funk-fusion boogie rock."

"We would hate to be pegged as a blues band, because then that's all you play is blues. We also have a song that sounds like Rage Against the Machine," he said. "We move from hip-hop to funk to jazz, and everyone finds something they like."

The band has been together for two years and started playing gigs almost immediately. They have yet to record more than a demo and still haven't settled on a band defining sound. But that's what Lipovsky likes about it.

"We're trying to keep it fun by playing a lot of stuff," Lipovsky said.

The band listens to a lot of different music and draws musical ideas from all of it.

Ian Beuchlle (lead singer and slide guitar player) sometimes spins records, and at any one time, Robert Johnson, Derek Truck, Muddy Waters or Charles Mingus will be on the record player.

"I don't know where it comes from, but we have this sound that's kind of funky, but we don't play funk songs," Lipovsky said. "We play covers of a Donovan song and a Deep Purple son but we do them our way."

Their songs are blues-based pieces strung together by longer, jazz-style instrumental solos.

"We play a passing the buck game during rehearsals where we trade off solos, and we try to catch each other off guard. It builds better communication for when we're on stage," Lipovsky said. For their live shows, they usually play two 90-minute sets moving from "short and sweet" songs to songs where they "left room so we can explore."

When the band got together two years ago, they started by playing the Denver open mic circuit. Their first gig was the first time that bass player Jason Neary had ever been on stage.

Now, they play regular gigs at 1515 Market, Appaloosa Grill and Cactus Jacks. This weekend will be their second time in Steamboat Springs. They played at the Tugboat Pub & Grill in the summer.


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