Steve Lewis: Which came first?


I must take exception to Thomas Friedman's syndicated column, which appeared Monday in Steamboat Today.

Mr. Friedman points to the terrorist bombing in Turkey as a reason to renounce the antiwar protests occurring in London on the same day. He writes, "There is something morally obtuse about holding an antiwar rally on a day when your own people have been murdered -- and not even mentioning it or those who perpetuated it."

Friedman is saying the terrorism justifies the war. But didn't the war happen first? Didn't the war cause the terrorism? Wouldn't those murdered people in Turkey be alive today if not for the war?

Friedman's rhetoric is that of Israel: Terror begets retaliation, terror, retaliation ... never-ending violence. But didn't Israel steal land, causing the first terror? If anything in this picture is "morally obtuse," it's the original and criminal act of war.

Steve Lewis

Steamboat Springs


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