Sound Off for Aug. 10, 2003


No money for charter

It's amazing. Our Steamboat Springs School Board can commit to spend money on court costs and attorney fees but no money for the Montessori school.

Emerald hypocrisy

I'm tired of the hypocrisy and the deceitfulness of the Emerald Mountain Partnership. The land involved in the swap does have a lot of public access. The people in Hayden don't want to drive to recreate on Emerald Mountain. I have hunted on BLM land out here for many years. I do not want that opportunity taken away.

Partnership unfair

The Emerald Mountain Partnership is unfair in its public campaign to save Emerald Mountain. They make it sound like there will be houses all over Emerald Mountain if it were developed. In reality, all portions of Emerald Mountain that can be seen from town already are protected or are in private ownership, including the trail system and Howelsen Hill. The land swap will only benefit the people who live in Dakota Ridge as the property in question is on the backside of Emerald Mountain.

Hail River Road patrol

I'd like to go on record as applauding the recent activity on the part of the Sheriff's Department patrolling River Road. Those of us who are runners, walkers and bikers are getting sick and tired of the cars on that road. There are just too many cars on that road. The other day, there were two bikers on one lane and three walkers in the other and the cars could not get through and it was wonderful. I want to go on record as saying there will come a day when the cars will be banned from that road.

What peace and quiet?

On Wednesday evening, the peace and quiet of the whole town was shattered by over-amplified music originating from Howelsen Hill. Walking the dogs one mile to the north of the concert area, the lyrics and a female voice praising the Downtown Business Association for sponsoring the event could plainly be heard. What happened to enforcement of the decibel level established by the City Council? Or did the council waive the ordinance so we could all be treated to a free -- if unwanted -- cacophony? Clearly the sound of caterwauling, drum staccatos and rolls, etc., had to materially exceed the decibel limit. Some of us much prefer to be publicly entertained by the whistling and thunder of the coal trains or not at all.


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