Clinics in Moffat County offer a variety of services


— At the entrance of the Craig Medical Center, there is a sign that reads "D.O.s believe the patients are more than the sum of their parts."

That is the basic approach at CMC, where three practitioners are doctors of osteopathy.

"I like to call them super doctors," said Mollie Told, who owns the clinic with her husband, Dr. Thomas N. Told. "These doctors are fully trained medical physicians and in addition, can do structured manipulation for proper body mechanics."

As it says on the sign, the purpose of osteopathic physicians is to look at the patient as a whole person instead of focusing on the specific symptoms. The doctors combine conventional medical procedures with a hands-on approach to study the body as a whole system.

CMC also has in-office radiology and ultrasound equipment.

The center at 580 Pershing St. has been in Craig for more than 40 years. The current owner, Told, has been on staff since 1974.

"Dr. Told has always enjoyed the people of Craig," his wife said. "Our goal is to provide good medical care for everyone."

In addition to being an osteopathic physician, Told is a certified civil surgeon and is knowledgeable in the area of sports medicine. The doctors at the center also can provide Federal Aviation Administration flight physicals and immigration physicals.

The doctors at the facility, in addition to Told, are Jon Ossen, D.O., and Joel Miller, D.O., who is new to the area.

Moffat Family Clinic

Moffat Family Clinic specializes in family practice for the Craig community.

"We are here for everyone in the community," said clinic manager Tana Cook. "We have a very broad patient base. Our goal is to care for our patients throughout their entire lives."

The clinic is a limited liability partnership owned by five of the practicing doctors at the clinic. Most of the care its doctors provide is geared toward families and women.

As a private health care facility, the clinic does not accept Medicaid but does accept Medicare.

"We provide care from before a patient is born until the end of life," Cook said.

Located at 600 Russell St. in Craig, the clinic has been a part of the city since 1975.

Dr. Brian Johnson and Dr. Jo Johnson came to practice at the Moffat Family Clinic in August and November of 2002, respectively. Both doctors have privileges at The Memorial Hospital. Staff physicians include Allan Reishus, M.D., Andre Huffmire, M.D., Larry Kipe, M.D., Catherine Crow, D.O., Gregory Roberts, M.D., Caroline Reilly, M.D., Brian Johnson, M.D., and Jo Johnson, M.D.

Mountain Medical Specialists

Mountain Medical Specialists at 595 Russell St. in Craig, provides care in internal medicine, neurology and family medicine.

MMS has the only husband and wife medical staff in Northwest Colorado with Dennis Kinder, M.D., and Pamela Kinder, M.D, as the owners. The two moved to Craig eight years ago when they learned positions were open in Craig for internists.

"Our goal is to provide for community health care and awareness," said Pamela Kinder. "We've enjoyed living here and hope to help Craig be a more healthy community."

As an internist, Dennis Kinder treats most general medical disorders, acute and chronic, with emphasis on adults. Areas of special interest include diabetes, pulmonary and heart problems, infectious disorders, cancer prevention, cardiac, cardiac ultrasound, respiratory, stress tests, colonoscopies and endoscopies.

Pamela Kinder is the only neurologist in Northwest Colorado. She identifies and treats ailments involving the brain, nerves and muscles. Other areas of interest include migraine and other headache disorders, stroke, multiple sclerosis, tremors, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's and other cognitive problems, pain disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, weakness, epilepsy and seizures.

The addition of Jona Kohpay, family nurse practitioner, has enhanced the ability to treat families. Kohpay's specialties include women's health, childhood diseases and diabetes. She is certified in diabetic insulin-pump management. Kohpay also is able to examine patients, diagnose medical conditions and prescribe medications.

Northwest Health Specialists

Northwest Health Specialists provides space for non-resident doctors to practice in Craig and provide care for Northwest Colorado residents. "We have doctors coming here on a weekly or monthly basis who are specialty doctors that provide services that may not be offered by resident doctors," said Pam Young, the manager of the facility.

The traveling doctors provide services from orthopedic needs to cardiovascular disease to dentistry. The facility has been open for four years. Physicians there have had access to the only magnetic resonance imaging -- or MRI -- machine in Craig since April 1, 2001. There also are X-ray and ultrasound services available.


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