Police unsure about charges in drugging case


— Authorities will decide later this week whether they will pursue charges against two people suspected in a burglary at a local clothing store last month.

Police are meeting with the District Attorney's Office and owner of Kali's Boutique to determine whether charges are appropriate in what police are calling an "unusual" case, Steamboat Springs Detective Bob DelValle said.

Test results indicated last week that a woman who told police she thought someone slipped a date-rape drug into her drink the night before she found stolen clothing from Kali's Boutique in her house was not drugged.

The 28-year-old Steamboat woman did not know why the clothes were in her possession and told police she thought she had been drugged at a local bar.

The woman told police a man she did not know bought her a drink at a local restaurant the night before the burglary at Kali's Boutique was reported. Not long after she took the drink she said she became confused and her vision clouded.

The woman remembered rummaging through some clothing on a rack and thought a man -- who is also suspected in the burglary -- was with her, but she didn't know where she was, according to police reports.

Her story coincided with similar stories of possible druggings reported over a three-week span. Detectives were viewing the woman as a possible victim and investigating a potential link between her story and the break-in.

She informed police about her suspicions early enough for test results to indicate the presence of any drugs in her system, DelValle said.

She was the first possible drugging victim to report for testing within the short period of time it takes for Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) and Ketamine -- all well-known date-rape drugs -- to leave the system.

GHB metabolizes through the system in eight to 12 hours after ingestion and Rohypnol leaves the body within 24 to 48 hours.

Fluid tests were sent to the Colorado Department of Health for analysis right after the burglary, and came back negative Friday.

"Is it absolutely positive that she wasn't drugged?" DelValle said. "We don't know."


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