Creekside claims soccer crown


Indoor soccer is more like basketball or hockey than outdoor soccer.

The narrow parameters of the field -- a hardwood floor in Steamboat Springs' case -- allow bleachers and walls to be in play.

With just four people on the floor for each team, not counting the goalie, the fast-paced game calls for deft touch and competent ball-handling skills.

The adult indoor season recently concluded in Steamboat with Creekside Cafe United defeating Fat Eddy's, 14-12, in the tournament championship.

Several weeks earlier, Fat Eddy's defeated Creekside to complete a perfect regular season.

"The last three years, Fat Eddy's has won the regular season and then chokes in the playoffs," Fat Eddy's player Wyatt Cohen said.

Still, Cohen said, the Fat Eddy's team members can wear their regular season champion T-shirts around with pride.

Creekside members claimed a trophy for their tournament victory.

"I personally would like to think it's more impressive to go undefeated all season," Cohen said. "At the same time, it would also be nice to close out and win the tournament."

Creekside member Ryan Lightner has a slightly different opinion on which is the more meaningful accomplishment.

"I think probably for us, the tournament was better, because we lost to Fat Eddy's a week or two before," Lightner said. "I have to say the tournament because it's all or nothing. If you did poorly during the season or didn't do as well as you wanted to, you can redeem yourselves."

And that's what Creekside did.

The 14-12 final was pretty typical of an indoor soccer game, Lightner said.

Using the middle school gym as a field, players were allowed to play soccer balls off the retractable bleachers and the lower portion of the wall.

For most lovers of outdoor soccer, indoor soccer is the best way to pass time in a ski town. All are thankful to at least have some outlet to play and gather socially.

"It's fun, but soccer is outdoors and on grass," Creekside goalie Dan Foote said. "I used to live in Eugene, Ore.; there was an outdoor league, but there wasn't an indoor one. The league wasn't much bigger there. I think it's a reflection of the demographics here. I think we have a strong league for this size of town. It's a good league."

Many of the members on the floor for the championship game are good friends. Foote is Fat Eddy's former goalie.

"During the summer he plays for Fat Eddy's," Cohen said. "This winter he played for Creekside. That's how good of friends we are."

The summer rec season is fast approaching.

New teams or individuals interested in being part of the adult summer leagues should contact Christina Freeman at the Parks and Recreation office as soon as possible at 879-4300.

Soccer and softball games begin the first week in June, and the first mountain bike race in the Town Challenge Series is scheduled for May 28. The mountain bike series is open to all ages.


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