Townhome owners want timeshares

Developers seek zoning changes


— The owners of a 64-unit luxury townhome development are seeking a zoning change to sell some of the units as timeshares.

The Steamboat Springs Planning Commission will hear the request from More's Corner development at the northeast corner of Rockies Way and Steamboat Boulevard tonight. Mountain Meadow Preserve LLC, owns the development. The land in question is designated for 34 duplex units that will be intermixed with wholly owned houses.

Review and approval of duplex uses already has occurred, the infrastructure has been laid and one model unit has been built. But current zoning does not allow timeshares. Mountain Meadows says timeshares are a critical component to a business plan in which homes are being priced at more than $1 million.

When the development was originally approved in 1999, timeshares were not regulated. In 2001 the property was rezoned to multifamily medium density as part of the Community Development Code update process.

Under the multifamily medium density zone, timeshares are not allowed. The developers are asking that the property be rezoned to resort-residential or RR-1, which would allow duplexes to be used as timeshares.

Changing the zoning to RR-1 also would allow the lots on More's Corner to have a lower minimum lot area. In the current zoning, the minimum lot area requirement is 12,000 square feet, but under RR-1 lots can be as small as 6,000 square feet.

Sitting at the mountain base, the More's Corner development acts as a transition area between the more dense condominium developments and duplex units down the mountain, City Planner Leif Myhre said.

Between the 1999 development and the code change, the property was purchased from Rex Weimer by the current developer Bruce Shugart of Mountain meadows LLC. Shugart discarded original plans to sell lots individually and opted instead to develop the entire subdivision in the same style of architecture.

The request before the planning commission would apply for all 34 lots and spare the developers from asking the city for a zoning change and conditional use each time a building permit is sought.


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