Sound Off for April 6, 2003


I'd just like to make a comment about the editorial in Wednesday's newspaper. The state's budget crisis was not caused by the TABOR Amendment and Amendment 23, it was caused by the Republican legislature making tax cuts permanent instead of temporary. So when Bill Owens brags that everyone in the state got an $800 tax cut which I am sure helps him get re-elected, on the other hand the state is suffering. It is a problem the Republicans in the Legislature brought upon themselves and now we are all paying for it.

City Council has asked the Parks and Recreation Commission for a recommendation to allow motorized events at Howelsen Hill. Parks and Rec of course said yes. Who is pushing this? Two sources, obviously: folks who enjoy breathing the fumes and hearing the noise, and the Chamber Resort Association. The chamber's motive is to promote more special events to fill more beds in the over-built lodging sector. City Council majority was looking for and counting on a 'yes' answer, because of its close partnership with the chamber, and to generate more spending and sales tax collection. What about the wishes of the many who don't appreciate the motorized hullabaloo and the added stress on our already overtaxed street system? Let your City Council hear from you on this matter.

The USA and "The War":

In the course of the past few weeks, thousands of men from all around the Middle East have gone to Iraq to fight the U.S. invaders. Iraqi refugees who fled their country during Saddam's reign are now going back to protect their country from the invaders. The camps prepared just outside the Iraqi borders to welcome thousands of refugees from Iraq are empty. People stay in their country to protect it. In Europe and the Middle East, most nations are getting angrier and more vocal about "the U.S. bully." The Egyptian president mentioned in an official speech that so far there was only one bid Laden, but that the U.S. is creating thousands of them through its action.

This war could last a long time, cost hundreds of billions more than expected and is in the process of creating exactly what bid Laden had hoped for: an East-West or Muslims-infidels conflicts.


"Victory" in Iraq will be no victory in the war on terrorism. The real war is for the hearts and minds of people around the world. Bush and the US government are loosing this war in spectacular fashion. Admiration for America used to derive from a belief in its benevolence and wise use of its superpower status. It has now become a place where might makes right and where the rich get richer. This new "American vision" will bring a diminished nation indeed.

I do not support the redistribution of historic preservation fund to


I would like to vote against redirecting historical preservation funds to support tourism marketing.

In regards to your question of the week, I think you guys obviously need some help coming up with questions of the week because this is about as ludicrous as I can imagine.

Do I support redirecting historical preservation funds to support tourism and marketing? Absolutely not. Let the chamber, let the businesses support tourism marketing. Get money from the state of Colorado if there is money available, but take money from historical things? That's too much.

No, funds should not be diverted from historic places to go into tourism. Tourists come to town and they like to see the historic things. How many towns do you have where you can almost touch and talk to some historic people? There aren't many left here, but we ought to support everything we have here in Routt County and Steamboat Springs that is historic.

I don't approve of redistributing funds for historic preservation and I'd like to have that reflected in your survey.

I do not want the preservation funds taken and spent on tourism. I want them left as they are, as we voted to.

No, I do not support redistribution of funds from preservation to tourism. Tourism lies in the hands of business people and preservation remains in the hands of historians, which is important in supporting tourism as more and more tourists are more interested in history sometimes than they are in buying.


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