It's always good to drive the pink Jeep up Hahn's Peak mountain and enjoy the beauty all around. There were even a few flowers, and I do mean few, including one stalk of fireweed, some big bunches of golden glow, three faded Indian paint brushes and a few purple asters. Oh yes, we saw several bushes with ripe elderberries.

Now, I need to tell you about some more people at the Labor Day homeowners picnic last week.

We had several guests to help eat all that food, including Carl and Mitzi Koelmel. They have a summer place on the other side of Steamboat Lake, at the foot of Sand Mountain.

The Iacovettos, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago at their place on Pearl Lake, joined this group, along with some friends, Carolyn, Fred and Christopher.

David and Deede Knox, owners of the new picturesque horse barn on North Main, along with their daughter, Mandy, and Eric, joined the crowd.

Shirley Price, whose cabin is up on Cottonwood, was there at the fun time, but I didn't see Gene or Karen.

Gail Gareau and Gary Wall were there. They are the residents who now have the two old outhouses on their empty lot. They are nicely decorated reminders of the old days.

Rich and Shirley Galusha came from their new location around the corner, with an art studio for each of them. Rich is back teaching school, and Shirley is busy at their Wild Horse Gallery.

Jeff and Zoe Ann Finnoff are new homeowners here, and so are Alex Fisher and Anne Shaffer. They attended.

The Wetterbergs had some friends at the picnic. They came to visit with a new sailboat. They took their "maiden" trip on Steamboat Lake and almost tipped over twice.

Chuck Stevens was there at the picnic and was going around, doing some of the little odd jobs.

Oh yes, the Funderbergs were there from their house on High Hill Street, which they have a "for sale" sign on.

About forgot. Bill and Nancy Wiggins were at the picnics, and so was I.

We loaned our picnic table from Wiggins Diggins', just across the street.

Dan Ragan had to go down to Willow Creek Sunday to pick up his kids, Nathan and Shanan, who had stayed overnight at the Zupan home to celebrate Zava's fourth birthday. I was very curious about their unusual foreign names. Zava's grandfather was from Yugoslavia, and her grandmother was Norwegian.

Compiled by Rilla Wiggins


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