Sound Off for Sept. 15


Friendly community

I would just would like to say I'm from Woodbury, N.H., and I have been traveling for four months. I have really enjoyed your community. It is very friendly.

This is our home

When the Vietnam War's peaceful protests at Kent State University in Ohio resulted in many of our young adults being shot to death, I cried and said, "These are our children, this is our home." When the youth in China were killed in Tiananmen Square I cried and said, "These are our children, this is our world." When the students and teachers at Columbine High School were gunned down by their fellow students, I cried and said, "These are our children, this is our home." When the government building in Oklahoma was bombed, I cried and said, "How can this happen to our people? This is our home." On Sept. 11, when the World Trade Center in New York City came crumbling down, I cried again for all those who died there. "How can this happen in our home?" I still cry. Mostly my tears are for hope. Yes, the great USA is our home. The world is our home. To borrow some words from the late, great John Lennon, "Let us all imagine that the world can become one. How wonderful that would be."

Always conserve water

I agree on the conservation of water all the time, not just during drought times. We've been using front-loaded washers for years. It's common sense that makes good sense and saves a heck of a lot of cents in the process. And we use the gray water for irrigation as well. With green Phoenix lawns around here, our society seems to have lost its sense of old-fashioned common sense. It's too bad you can't teach reason to an airhead, even in a drought.

Get out and vote

Tired of having all these elitist little-minds running your life? The only way to do that is get registered to vote, and then vote in droves on Nov. 5. Until that happens, bands will be run out of town for good and maybe Triple Crown, too. Even if you're not a fan of these types of people, I remember what it was like to live here year-round, but only work five months. Do you? Vote or it could happen again.

10-year job strategy

The overkill issue of the day is affordable housing. Sorry, but I've now seen about 10 too many redundant and sometimes ridiculous articles and commentaries about the subject, and it's time that the subject got on a positive and healthy track. We need a 10-year strategy for creating affordable jobs. As long as people will keep signing up for the low-paying positions offered by our one-legged economy, the topic of affordable housing can only get even more ridiculous. The only way that affordable housing can be done is by contributions from the very private sector that accounts for these low-paying jobs. If that money is available, why not use it to boost wages? The issue is wrong. We should create affordable jobs around here.


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