The goods really are odd


— It's perfectly logical for the folks at Ski Town Productions and Pirate Theatre to use the perceived lopsided gender pool in Steamboat Springs as the basis of their second local production, "6 to 1, The Goods are Odd."

As most people may know, the title comes from the saying accepted by many local women about the number of men in town, "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."

What the talented people at Ski Town Productions do best is take what's reality in this ski town, put it on stage and make it worth laughing at. It's humor therapy.

It's therapy because it's not always fun when you're single in a bar filled with about 20 men and five women.

It can make life a little frustrating, enough to make guys come up with some interesting approaches at meeting a girl.

"Hey baby, want to go back to my place and make a movie?"

A friend of mine used to say that one. It was meant to be a joke, but usually the line produced a look of horror in a girl's face. That was followed by her quickly fleeing in the opposite direction.

That's why the goods are odd.

However, the odds being good for the ladies in the gender ratio may only be true with the younger crowd. In actuality, the latest census figures show the split of men and women, 18 and older in Steamboat Springs, is roughly 14-to-11.

It's true; you wouldn't think that's the case when you're looking for someone of the opposite sex in a bar. But when I look back to when I was trying to meet girls in bars, it didn't matter where I was or how many girls were around; meeting the right person and then maintaining a relationship was difficult.

Those who are in the thick of it should check out the show tonight and realize they aren't the only ones in the 'Boat that feel that way.


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