6 to 1, The Goods are Odd


— Producer Brian Harvey is excited about "6 to 1, The Goods are Odd." During one of the cast's crash-course-like rehearsals in the Strings Music Tent, he stopped for a minute to talk about it.

"It's better than '24 and 24,'" Harvey said, referring to Ski Town Productions' last play. "This one definitely focuses more on relationships."

Harvey was speaking with a rare serious tone. He attempted to explain how the play broaches some of the struggles of finding a partner and maintaining a relationship in Steamboat Springs. But as he dug into the topic, duty called.

"All right everyone," music director Andy Pratt yelled from across the room. "Sausage party, please."

Harvey stopped, stammered a little, then smiled and said, "I've got to go."

Let's not forget, the powers behind Ski Town Productions and Pirate Theatre have a sense of humor. In fact, everything they do is funny.

Harvey climbed on stage with eight other guys, who proceeded to sing an original tune about a party with no girls, called "Sausage Party."

The lyrics "we are going to let the good times fly" and "guaranteed to have a ball," were sung by the men in low voices.

It's only one of several original songs that were written for the play, with other titles such as "Face Like A Mule" and "You Don't Lose Your Girlfriend, You Lose Your Turn."

Ticket holders for the play can still expect some raunchy humor at "6 to 1," but they also are guaranteed laughs on some familiar topics.

The script tells the story of relationships in a ski town, following the early life of Dude (Kelly Anzalone), a snowboarder introduced in "24 in 24, A Day in the Life of a Ski Town."

Harvey said "6 to 1" will be better than "24 in 24" because the writers had a chance to develop some of the characters.

Plus, there is a strong plot through the play, linking everyone together.

"After watching the video, we thought '24 in 24' was good, but we definitely could do better," Harvey said.

A stronger plot and character development were important elements in making a stronger production.

Another change was assigning Doug Lockwood as director. Lockwood was a big part of "24 in 24" but directing was more of a collaborative effort of many people.

Harvey said having Lockwood oversee the script coming alive on stage is important to connecting each scene.

However, the production of "6 to 1" is still very much a collaborative process. Scott Parker wrote the first draft of most of the script, while Eric Leach, Lockwood and Harvey were putting out the play's precursor publication, The Steamboat Pirate and Yesterday.

Also, Pratt, as music director, wrote the music to the original songs, with Lockwood writing most of the lyrics.

"There are definitely some really, really funny songs," Harvey said.

Though there will be some PG-13 comedy in the play, Harvey said things have toned down since "24 in 24."

"We only say the F-word one time."


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