Travelers at YVRA don't see difference


— When Lynn Anne Schneider woke up Wednesday morning, she and her husband watched the morning news broadcast like many others on the one-day anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

But they were listening to see if anything had happened at airports before they stepped on a plane in Houston that would take them to Denver and then to Steamboat Springs. Once at the airport and with no reports reminiscent of last year's horrors, it was just another day of travel for the Schneiders.

Lynn Anne Schneider admitted being nervous when she first learned her tickets were booked on the anniversary of the worst day in American's commercial flight history. But Schneider said after contemplating the trip for a few days, the timing did not seem that bad.

"The flights were cheaper, more seats were available and I thought it was probably going to be safer," she said.

Schneider was one of the handful of passengers who braved the fated date and departed from Yampa Valley Regional Airport Wednesday afternoon. Although planes were quieter and there were few passengers, Schneider said nothing was that different as she traveled through the three airports.

Coming from Detroit via Denver, Fred Gould sat at YVRA and said the only snag in his trip was having to wait for his friends to pick him up.

"It wasn't too bad at all. We got out on schedule. The only problem is my ride," he said.

Bonnie Steele, who is an administrative assistant at YVRA, said it had been a typical day with normal to a slightly lower passenger load and no extra security required.

The day started at with a moment of silence at 6:46 a.m., when the first plane hit the World Trade Center's north tower a year ago.

Vicki Marsden, who is the customer service agent for United Express, said the decision to hold a moment of silence in honor of the victims followed the lead of major airports around the country.

When Debbie Gacoby booked a flight for Sept. 11, it took her a few days before she realized the significance of the date.

But she was not nervous about her trip from Dallas to Denver and then on to Steamboat.

"I wasn't nervous at all," she said. "The airports weren't crowded at all. And it was a good rate, one of the best rates I could find."


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