Sound Off for Sept. 8, 2002


— Thanks to animal shelter

I am so very impressed with the employees and volunteers of the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter. What a wonderful group of kind, caring and compassionate individuals. They were there for me when I adopted two of God's greatest creatures and they were there for me when I had to give them back up well over a year later, when circumstances would no longer let me retain "my children." (Moved to a "no pets allowed" community.) My heart was broken, but they did not condemn. Instead they worked hard to place the pets with good homes. And then called to let me know what happened. No longer do I have to agonize over their "fate." Thank you, God, for answered prayers. And a special thank you to "Bruce."

Thoughts on a festival

I would absolutely support a big music festival in Steamboat, whether it is on Labor Day weekend or any other time during the summer. In fact, I have an idea for a lineup that should appeal to all musical tastes, including our City Council members. As an opening act for the flower power set, we could invite singer songwriter Arianthe Stettner, followed by an oldies '60s surfer group like Loui, Loui and the Tsunamis. Then for the kids, how about an angry mindless punk band like The Made Rombergs? Next up, to get your groove going, would be the latest avant-garde techno performance art sampling beatnik duo of Nancy and Cravemore, and to satisfy our need for some real rock and roll, how about The Steve Ivo Band of Gypsies. But of course to preserve our Western heritage, we need Pauly's Strong Bull Riders of the Purple Rage. And last but not least, for the save the rain forest-Lillith Fair crowd, how about The Amazonians featuring Kathy C. We could hire Grape Knut Productions to advertise it as the "Rockin' the Fish in a Barrel Boat Dance Weekend Hoe Down." I think that should just about fill all of the hotel rooms, restaurants, cash registers, jail cells and parking spaces in town. Let's have a new 8.5 percent tax initiative to help pay for it, too.

I would support a major music festival ion the following conditions: One, it be Jimmy Buffett; 2, Bud Romberg have nothing to do with the slection of who plays; and 3, that the city of Steamboat Springs have absolutely nothing to do with funding.

Yes I would support a major Labor Day music festival in Steamboat, but it would depend mainly on the price. Now, if you wanted to charge me $60 or $80 to see two bands, then the answer is no.

Explore transportation

The debate over affordable housing should be opened up to options other than "urban sprawl" or subsidization by the public. One obvious solution is improved public transportation between Steamboat, Craig and Oak Creek. A shuttle service, light rail or train service can and should be explored. (The train tracks are already there why can't they be used to move people?) There are so many nice homes in outlying areas; it is more attractive to live and raise a family in such a neighborhood and commute to work safely than to live in cramped, subpar housing in the Steamboat Springs city limits.

Where is money going?

I wonder what the half-cent sales tax money is being used for if it is not being used to reduce class sizes in our elementary schools. I voted for this referendum for that very reason. I did not vote for this money to be put in a savings account to be used for a rainy day. The future of our children's education is now. As taxpayers we deserve an answer from our superintendent and school board.

Opposite comments

I'm calling about the water authority. I find it hard to believe that Kathy Connell can keep a straight face when she says that without consolidation there would never be a chance for the two entities to have equalized rates, and then she goes on to say that if the district users believe their rates would increase when the merger occurred, they would never vote for consolidation. Those are two totally opposite comments and I think it's ridiculous.

What's the difference?

In last Sunday's Pilot & Today, our City Council president is quoted on the negative impact the Independence Incident had on our community. "When people come to this county, we want them to respect our community and respect our lifestyle," she said. How is it that the Triple Crown crowd is OK and the music festival crowd is not?


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