New soap opera based on life in Ski Town


— The Steamboat Today has learned from unreliable sources that a veteran soap opera producer is planning to tape several pilots for a series of new daytime dramas in Steamboat Springs.

Sources close to the soap opera say three working titles are under consideration: "Powder Days of Our Lives," "All My Snowboarders," and "The Young and the Homeless."

The producer, who owns a 9,000 square foot cabin in Mountain Lion Park, was overheard describing the project while dining in an Old Town enchilada joint.

"These scripts will practically write themselves," he said between sips from a margarita served in a glass roughly the size of the Stanley Cup. "I've never seen a town where such a high percentage of the local population is focused solely on hedonistic pursuits. This is fertile ground."

Based on documents found under the table in a booth at an Old Town enchilada joint, the three working titles are based on the following treatments:

All My Snowboarders: Cassie dumps Jamie after he tells her he'll be staying late at the shop to tune his board for the big comp, and Brooke tells her that in fact, Jamie was in a hot tub with her best friend Wysteria.

Brooke fails to mention that she was in the hot tub, too, and they were all busted for trespassing on a private spa.

Larry is shocked to learn that Hope is his second cousin once removed, and they have the same tattoo on their left cheeks.

Tinker is visited at the hospital by Snake, who smuggles beers into his room. Tinker has the blues because he isn't covered by health insurance. Snake had his pass pulled for attempting a rail slide in the cafeteria at Rendezvous Saddle, and sells his mountain bike to fund a trip to Playa Del Carmen.

Wysteria decides to go with him.

Powder Days of our Lives: Camille grows restless living alone most of the time in her timber frame home in Soda Mountain Estates, while her husband Bert is in Chicago trading in futures on pork bellies.

She runs away with a snowmobile guide named Trevor and lives with him in a tee-pee in Columbine.

Arnie, a snowplow operator who comes south for the winter from Fairbanks, Alaska, meets Clara when the blade of his motor grader nicks her Land Rover.

He introduces her to the joys of co-ed hockey.

Benjamin is buried in a roof slide during a January chinook. His friends are surprised when Cherie and Bill arrive at the wake together.

Earl cracks a vertebrae in his back during a drunken spree, when one of his buddies bets him $20 he won't have the guts to ride the 90 meter ski jump on a plastic sled from Bargain City.

Earl has guts not much else.

The Young and the Homeless: Randy gets really bent out of shape when Simon from Adelaide fails to pay the electric bill like he said he would. Randy vows to live in his Subaru and take showers at Health and Rec.

He has three restaurant jobs and he's never home anyway. Denise, Moonflower and Jennay discover they can save money by adjusting their work schedules and sharing a single hide-a-bed, sleeping in rotating shifts.

Their roommates never catch on.

Their boyfriend does.

Kieran signs on to play bass in a garage band named the Flaming Dinner Rolls, hoping he can live in the garage. Kieran secretly takes bass lessons from Sally.

It turns out there is no garage.

But Kieran moves in with Sally, who drives a cement truck in the summer and is the night auditor for a property management company during ski season allowing her to never miss a powder day.

The producers of the three pilots have hired two longtime locals, James "Air Dawg" McCaffery and Jenny "Powder Diva" Wells to act as technical consultants on the set.

Taping is scheduled to begin as soon as the first two-foot dump settles on Mount Werner.

Stay tuned and check daily listings for programming notes.


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