Sound Off for Oct. 27


Where's our vote?

Referendum 2C affects residents outside of Steamboat Springs, including Steamboat II, Heritage Park and Silver Spur, yet these people have no vote on this referendum at all. So I hope everyone votes no on 2C.

Saving taxpayers money

I support the water consolidation. It's the right thing for the community. It's the only item on the ballot that will save taxpayers money. City Council has said rates will have to go up if consolidation doesn't pass. If it does pass, rates can stay as they are. And if there is consolidation, rate equalization can occur within five years. If it doesn't pass, rate equalization will probably never occur.

Why vote 'no'?

I have talked to scores of people who are for consolidation of the water districts yet they are voting no on 2C. Why are they voting no? This issue is too important to have it fast tracked in because we are impetuous or apathetic.

'Yes' on 2C

The consolidation of the water districts is the right thing to do. I am for 2C.

Not done correctly

In spite of the fact that I think consolidation is something we should do, it is not done correctly on 2C.

Location, location

If the community really wants a safe courthouse, isn't the safest place next to the jail?

We want answers

School Board President Paul Fisher said, "We're doing everything we can." That's everything except solving the problem. I have to wonder how long this mess is going to go on. The board hasn't even responded to the question of where the half-cent sales tax funding for small class sizes went. How much of this money is really available? If it's not available, what is it being spent on? The community wants answers, not excuses.

Bravo, commissioners

The courthouse is a well-thought-out project that will only cost more to do in the future. The citizens who developed the plan spent a long time informing themselves and the plan is a good one for the town and the future. It keeps the courthouse downtown where it should be and gives a nice campus feel. The commissioners should be congratulated for planning ahead.

Back to drawing board

The proposed mill levy for fire protection is just a new tax for the city with no relief in sales tax. Why don't they call it a mill levy for Centennial Hall or a mill levy for the Tennis Bubble? The hope is to raise city funds by capitalizing on this scary and tragic year. There is a better way, which the city has refused to accept. Take this one back to the drawing board.

Support for Cargo

I am sick and tired of everyone jumping on Oak Creek Mayor Cargo Rodeman for one thing or another. You might not like her lifestyle, but you must admit it is colorful. She is one person who will speak her mind regardless where it goes. As for this so-called recall, if the people who are behind this haven't got the guts to come forward on their own, instead of using a front man, then they are not the type of people who are worthy of running our town. If these people would take their energies and put them to some good use, just think how much more could be done in our town. Get off your backsides and do something constructive. Just remember she won the election by a landslide, and if and when there is a recall she will win again.

Misdirected support

I was present at Olympian Hall on Thursday night for the school board public meeting. There are a couple of things I think need to be said. Like most people, I have read the articles in the paper regarding support for Strawberry Park Elementary Principal John DeVincentis. I showed up thinking I would show support for John. That support wasn't needed. The steady stream of disrespectful teachers, parents and especially John himself, showed me that my support was misdirected. The steady stream of vitriolic attacks immediately turned me against a man I once respected. The facilitator kept asking for recommendations to help solve this problem between John and the superintendent and the board. I have a couple of recommendations. To "Dr. D" you are upset at your poor performance evaluation and pay freeze. Grow up and deal with it. Quit airing your dirty laundry in the press and in public meetings. Stop your acerbic attacks on the superintendent and the board. To the Board of Education continue to support your superintendent. She's the one who is acting professionally while being constantly attacked by very unprofessional people.

Board is impotent

After the meeting at Olympian Hall last Thursday, it became clear most people are in denial with respect to the main issue. When a situation gets as serious as this one, mediation is not the solution. If the school district is being managed like a business, most boards would let the CEO go before it got this far. In one person's opinion, the board needs to show its constituents that it can act quickly to solve problems so far the board has only proven it is impotent. If Thursday's events was not a call to action, I don't know what is. Mr. Fisher, "do the right thing."


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