Sailors show their homecoming spirit

Steamboat Springs High School's Mardi Gras theme displayed on classes' floats in annual parade


— The red flatbed semi decorated for Mardi Gras and holding close to 100 freshmen screaming "double 'O' six" was one of the five floats that made its way through Steamboat Springs in the homecoming parade Friday.

Freshman Niki Dubord said her class has been very excited since being included in homecoming events for the first time.

"I'm looking forward to the dance," she said.

Steamboat Springs High School's homecoming theme is Mardi Gras, and the floats in the parade were covered with palm trees, decorations, balloons and signs with bright green and purple colors.

The high school floats were similar in design and required the collaborative ingenuity of each class.

Grandmothers watched out of their screen doors as the parade passed by and schoolchildren lined the streets waving their arms for candy.

Music from the floats gave students and onlookers a beat for dancing.

High School Principal Dave Schmid rode his bike in the parade to celebrate the moment and to make sure students were acting appropriately for the occasion.

He diverted a group of students from watering down the freshman float with a garden hose and then rode his bike up to an elementary-aged student watching the parade to give him a high-five.

The pride parents and educators felt for the high school students was evident through their waves, corsages and dancing to the beat as the floats passed by.

Students started rocking the flatbed as they passed football coaches Lonnie Clementson and Mark Drake.

Teacher Jay Van Loenen joined the freshmen on their float to dance with his Mardi Gras beads and get the crowd to cheer.

Diane Carter's Kinderhaus kids wore their "I Cent A Sailor to College" sailor hats with red shirts for the occasion.

The enthusiasm of the classes was uplifting to the community as storeowners stepped outside and parents waited for just the right moment to get a photo of their son or daughter.

All the elementary school students wore their best red and white colors and watched the parade from the old junior high field.

The gusty winds blew glitter and decorations through the air as the floats made their way down Lincoln Avenue.

As the parade ended at the high school, girls jumped off the floats in their matching T-shirts and jeans and ran to Katie Carter, a homecoming queen nominee, to offer her their support.


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