SOUND OFF for Nov. 24


Miserable already

Why, oh why, with a big sigh does the town of Oak Creek and the Town Board hold the public works department accountable for the stuff they do not do? It is miserable down there already this winter.

Affordable courthouse?

Why is there so much talk about affordable housing when what we need is an affordable courthouse. Why do we need a granite temple to prosecute criminals? Why do judges need a plush elaborate palace in which to deal out justice? What is wrong with a $1 million courthouse project with cheap prefabricated rooms? Why spend more money than necessary on unruly, non-law-abiding population? Doug Monger, maybe the real reason people voted against your courthouse is we don't need to spend $20 million on criminals.

Keep it downtown

The courthouse should not be moved out of downtown Steamboat. It is an integral part of our downtown community.

Time for a change?

I am not satisfied. I don't think the board or Dr. Simms are taking this seriously, and I don't think they are doing any retrospective looks at themselves or their processes to see how things should be worked out. I still think we need a new superintendent and possibly a new board.

Showing proof

Although the board removed Dr. Simms' remarks from the evaluation, they did not remove the unsatisfactory grades. Now Dr. D has a poor evaluation with no comments as to the reason for the poor marks. In one point of contention, Dr. Simms said Dr. D should be graded poorly for failing to control a group of parents who desired an additional teacher for the fourth grade at Strawberry Park. Further, Dr. Simms said Dr. D was behind those efforts.

In the legal proceedings, three witnesses said Dr. D had no involvement whatsoever and that they had acted independently. Dr. Simms, in her defense, was unable to present or fully name anyone who could say otherwise.

Not satisfied with appeal

I am not satisfied with the ruling on Dr. D's appeal. I can't imagine how a principal is supposed to be held accountable for every parent's actions or thoughts. How crazy is that? If I had any idea that my child's principal was supposed to control my actions then I would have thought twice about putting my children in school.

Satisfied with appeal

I absolutely am satisfied with the school board's decision regarding Dr. DeVincentis' evaluation. As far as I am concerned, this is Dr. D's problem to work out, in private, with the school district. I could not care less about his evaluation, his marks or how he feels. Yes, I care about Strawberry Park Elementary School, but I care about the rest of the district as well. Can we please focus on something else? There are three other schools in the district and so many other good people who work in the schools. Dr. D is a good principal, but we have wasted too much time public time on this. I say get over it or go work someplace else.

Is the board afraid?

Oak Creek should give Sgt. Dave Miller a fair and impartial reinstatement hearing before an impartial arbitrator. What is the Oak Creek Town Board afraid of?


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