It does take a village


The purpose of this letter is to thank the people of Steamboat Springs for their continued support of the youths of our community.

I grew up in Steamboat and always knew there were many adults who cared about me. They were all so aware of and supportive of my successes. Then, when I became a parent, I learned of the saying "it takes a village to raise a child." Well, the weekend of the regional volleyball tournament, that whole concept was very apparent.

I was involved in some of the planning that went into the tournament. When I made phone calls to get donations for food for the hospitality room, City Market and Safeway both stepped up and offered abundant donations. Also, B&K Distributors donated water. I am sure these companies get asked every day to make contributions. Yet they bend over backward to help make things happen for our kids, thus being a part of the village that is raising our children.

There were many teachers and other school staff who gave up their days off to collect admission, run the scoreboard, host the officials and keep the building clean.

Then when the tournament actually got going, so did you, the community. The support you showed those 13 girls, their coaches and their school was incredible. The entire school was shaking with support. As a parent of one of the girls, I want to thank all of you for being a part of a village that is helping to raise our children.

This is only one example of the support that has always been a part of the legacy of Steamboat and why the people love living here so much. I see you at football games, soccer games, basketball games, school plays, school concerts, helping in the library and just paying attention to the successes of the youth in Steamboat.

Thanks again for being the village.

Nancy Barrows Gray

Steamboat Springs

Leaders don't lead

Leaders and senders. In this day and age, it grows harder and harder to tell which is which.

Many of our leaders do not lead. They send. We do not think they should be referred to as leaders. I know I have been sent.

Oley Kohlman


Who will be next?

We regret the terrible intentional tragedy that took 2,985 lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

I wonder how many lives of the American military and military persons of other countries who support us will be lost if the United States declares war on Iraq? I wonder how many innocent Iraqi children, women, men and members of the Iraq military will be lost?

Jerry Rudolph

Steamboat Springs

A great community

I wanted to express my thanks for a really wonderful visit to Steamboat Springs.

On Nov. 15, I had the mistaken good fortune to lose a car key in Lincoln Park. I not only locked myself out of the car, but all of my belongings, toothbrush, toothpaste, change of clothes, wallet, cell phone and spare key were locked in the car. Despite the efforts of three locksmiths, and many prayers interspersed with a swear word or two, the car remained secure.

I know that I was frantic as I retraced my steps time and again while contemplating how to feed my two dogs who, fortunately, were with me and not locked in the car with their food.

The new owners of the Alpiner Lodge could not have been more accommodating they were kind and comforting and allowed me to return to my room using the credit card number from the previous night. They also allowed me to leave the dogs in the room while I dealt with the locksmiths.

I also want to make certain to thank the staff at Mocha Molly's for their generosity and understanding. It is obvious to a stranger that this is a favorite hangout and it's easy to see why the food, coffee and surroundings are great, very community oriented. But the staff definitely went above and beyond duty. I came into Mocha Molly's after retracing my steps; the falling snow had absolutely buried the key, and after explaining my frustrations, the staff not only called the Audi dealer in Glenwood Springs to let me check on the delivery of a replacement but also extended the offer of a tab until I could retrieve my wallet. In today's world, that's incredibly kind, small town or not.

I am also grateful that the Natural Food Store was willing to accept my credit card number without evidence of a card. It was certainly a pleasure to purchase toiletries so that I could brush my teeth. I would also add that the staff at the police station were very understanding as I explained why I could not move my car from Seventh Street within the allotted two-hour time frame.

On Saturday morning, I returned to my stroll up and down Lincoln Avenue and had the luck to happen upon Santa on his way to the community center. I willed away a couple of hours in the cozy Bud Werner Memorial Library as I waited on FedEx. Saturday at noon my duplicate key arrived, and after paying my bills, I left with a view of Steamboat Springs that I never could have enjoyed if not for my mistaken good fortune.

Thank you all once again for a wonderful experience. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving; you certainly have a terrific community to be thankful for.

If anyone finds a small black rectangle with a metal button that when pushed pops out a key, I can be reached at (970) 468-6024.

Elaine Hays



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