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Editor's note: Longtime Pilot & Today columnist Jean Wren, who compiled The Way it Was, has died. Her contributions will be sorely missed. The Pilot & Today will be reprinting a selection of Jean's previous columns.

Nov. 16, 1921

When Bert Knight of lower Morrison Creek was arrested and fined for maintaining a still, he pled guilty and paid a fine. He complained that officers allowed Wallace Hallett of Oak Creek to swill liquor. He was told that if he could produce any evidence, Hallett would also be prosecuted.

A day or two later, Knight informed the Sheriff that he had purchased a bottle of whiskey from Hallett.

Knight's sister, Mrs. I.B. Cheney, and Bert Stewart confirmed the statement, which was repeated to various county and court officials.

Hallett was therefore arrested; however, at the trial, all swore that they knew nothing of Hallett's having sold any whiskey.

Instead, Knight testified that he got the bottle of firewater from Stewart.

Stewart has therefore been arrested. His trial is set for next Wednesday.

Hallett is also awaiting trial for selling whiskey in another instance.

In addition, another still came to light. As Deputy Sheriff Oren Gray of Yampa was returning home from Steamboat on the train last Sunday morning, he arrested Frank Marcantonis, who was on his way from Mount Harris to Denver with a pint of whiskey in his possession. A search of the man's truck revealed a still, which was taken as evidence. That night, as Mr. Gray was bringing his prisoner to the county jail, he made another arrest, capturing a second man with a bottle.

County sheep top market

Alex McDermott of Salt Creek returned last Thursday from Denver where he had been with three carloads of 81 pound lambs which sold at eight cents. Sam Utter of Cow Creek was also on the market the same day with a car of the same weight for which he received 8.5 cents.

These two sales of lambs were at the highest price of the day, none others selling above seven cents.

Thanksgiving at Grouse Creek Grange Hall

An important meeting will be held at the Yellow Jacket Grange Hall Sunday, Nov. 10, under the auspices of the Sunday school. Meeting at 10:30, the children will attend Sunday school. Following then, there will be basket dinner. In the forenoon, a Thanksgiving program will be rendered. Everyone is invited to this meeting, one of the old-fashioned kind where everyone has the best time and receives inspiration.

News of friends

and neighbors

Charles M. Chandler and Miss Marian Dawson, both of Hayden, were united in marriage Sunday. The Rev. R.H. Gleason of the Hayden Congregation Church officiated. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dawson and the groom is a well known horseman and jockey.

Threshing is nearly finished most places. At Elk Head everything is threshed, even the farmers. At Elk Mountain, the Gray machine has one more threshing job. When the threshers were at the John Price's place, Mr. Fred Gill and Viva helped Mrs. Price.

Mrs. Arthur Schmidt appears to be well on the way to recovery from her operation last week at the Steamboat hospital for appendicitis.


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