SOUND OFF for Nov. 10

Where's the fairness?


Where's the fairness?

On Friday, Nov. 8, you printed two of the most liberal, whining columns regarding the election that I have ever seen. Why can't you present fairer reporting regarding our country's government? I am sick of Bob Herbert, Paul Krugman and especially Maureen Dowd. Didn't Routt County vote for President Bush 60-40 in 2000?

A liberal rag

Your newspaper is a liberal rag. You write liberal, tax-and-spend editorials and run liberal columnists. Didn't you get the message in Tuesday's election? This county this nation is conservative. Your newspaper should reflect the views of the county, not your liberal bias.

Tired of being wrong?

Way to go, Pilot & Today. When I'm ready to run for election, I hope Scott Stanford writes an editorial for my opponent. That's a guarantee that I will win. Don't you guys ever get tired of being wrong?

A good judge unseated

I hope that those of you who voted against Joel Thompson including the Pilot & Today are proud of yourselves this morning. A good man is gone from the bench because of a personal, private matter. The committee on judicial performance was nothing less than a witch hunt and the voters swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Shame on you all.

Way to go, Jason

Congratulations to Jason Throne for saying what has been on the minds of many. Our school district needs to heal and in order to do that, some people may have to go, starting at the top.

Another violation?

If Paul Hughes' letter was a campaign violation, then I want to file a complaint against Jim Engelken. How can the guy who is heading up the opposition to the water consolidation agreement use his radio show to campaign against it and then not give equal time to the opposite side? Isn't that a campaign violation?

Move the courthouse

The courthouse tax question failed by a significant margin, and this should be a message to the Board of County Commissioners from the voters. We all understand that a new courthouse is needed and at some point we are willing to pay for the project. However, through countless public meetings, the voters told the commissioners that they did not want the new courthouse to be downtown, they did not want to close off Sixth Street, they did not want a concrete parking structure at Fifth and Oak and they did not want to pay an outrageous amount for the new facility. The commissioners totally ignored this and went about their personal quest for a "legacy" to Routt County. The message should be clear move the courthouse to the jail site, partner with the Steamboat Police Department to create a justice center, keep the downtown campus for county business and come up with a plan that does not cost as much for the taxpayer. The voters have spoken and it is high time for the elected officials to listen. Remember who hired you in the first place the voters.

Why won't you listen?

The dust has settled on the election, and hopefully not into the ears of our elected officials not that it would matter. They all seem to have a listening problem anyway, especially when it comes to their constituents. People that I talked to regarding 1A all understood the need for a new courthouse, but not on the most expensive land in the county in downtown Steamboat along with the extra expense of a parking garage. They also understood the need for the property tax for fire services, but not unless the sales tax was adjusted somewhere to compensate at least a bit for the tax increase. Our elected officials never seem to listen to what we say after the "but." County commissioners and Steamboat City Council, stop talking and start listening for a change.

Look at a new plan

I'm very happy that Referendum 1A didn't pass. The Routt County government would have taken much more money away from us citizens than they need to. One place where they would have taken much too much is the parking garage. That garage would have been big enough to have 127 parking places. I feel that this town shouldn't allow any parking garages inside the city limits. West of town on Lincoln Avenue and at an SST bus stop is a very big parking lot. It's almost empty at any time. Now, the courthouse people sure can use that. Remember when the school system wanted to build a new high school? We all voted that down, too. I'm so happy that we did because with our doing so, the school system remodeled the interior and the exterior. In doing so, that school has more room in it and looks much better than it did before. Come on Routt County government, look at how you can redo your courthouse without spending too much money.

A blatant error

Years ago an old-timer used to call the Pilot & Today the Astonisher because of all the errors in it. Well 4-Points last week has the most blatant error I can remember. Identifying Dorthy as Eleanor Bliss is going too far. I guess it's because the reporters are new to the community and don't know much about the history of Steamboat and could not care less. It's too bad the Pilot & Today has no one who can oversee these young reporters and has to rely on the readers to correct its errors.

Listen up, committee

Perhaps now the courthouse committee will listen to what the community wants. Build it by the jail.

Inappropriate photo

I just wanted to let you know that I found the picture of the meat processing, the elk processing, that was in the Nov. 1 Today a little inappropriate for the newspaper. I don't want to be eating my breakfast and looking at dead animals in my newspaper.

Racist, offensive picture

Am I the only one who finds the picture of the Wilkinson Five from Halloween dressed in black face as the Jackson Five offensive? I think this is racist and stereotypical and does not belong in our paper.

Price tag too hard

The commissioners said they don't know where to go now that the courthouse has failed. I think that if they heard people's views, they would find that the price tag was too high and the location downtown was a bigger detriment than the cost.


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