County may add road near Milner


— Routt County would like to add some more ground to its county road system.

The county is eyeing a private road a half-mile east of Milner that runs from County Road 179 to U.S. 40.

The Camilletti Pit gained permission from the county last year to construct the road.

The road is valuable because it provides the gravel pit with access to U.S. 40 and diverts gravel pit traffic away from the town of Milner.

Trucks carrying gravel to and from the pit access the private road rather than driving through the middle of Milner.

But gravel trucks have not been alone in taking advantage of the convenient access to U.S. 40.

People who live close to Milner have also been using the road.

Paul Draper, director of the County Road and Bridge Department, said residents who live south of Milner take the private road so they don't have to drive through town to reach the highway.

"It's a shorter way," he said.

The Routt County Planning Commission is hearing the county's request to acquire the road tonight.

Its recommendation will go to the County Board of Commissioners for a hearing in December.

If the county acquired the road, it would realign the path of C.R. 179 from its existing route through Milner to follow the private road built for the Camilletti Pit.

The private road would essentially be renamed as the new C.R. 179.

A minimal amount of work is required on the private road to bring it up to county road standards before the county can acquire it.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the commissioners' hearing room.


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