Sound off for Nov. 3, 2002


Outraged or not?

Did you know that a fraternity at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville was censured because its white members painted their faces in black and dressed like the Jackson Five? The campus community considered it racially insensitive. The Halloween photo on your front page shows a Steamboat family doing the exact same thing. I guess in Steamboat, it's up to each individual to decide whether to be outraged.

Understanding feelings

The person who called in the comment last week saying they had withdrawn their support of Dr. DeVincentis did not attend the same meeting I did. I saw people who were passionate, people who were concerned about the way things are going in our school district. Yes, they were emotional. That's because they care. Maybe, instead of punishing those people for expressing how they feel, the caller should be trying to understand why they feel that way. There were more than 20 issues brought to the floor that night. To say it was all about Dr. D is simplistic and unfair.

A political ploy?

When the election has come and gone, maybe we'll see Bush's saber-rattling against Iraq as nothing more than a political ploy to deflect attention away from CEO crooks, diving stock prices, eye-popping deficits, rising unemployment, dim economic forecasts and all the other things that have come to represent the Bush-Cheney era. If not, then we'll know these arrogant kooks actually BELIEVE they have some kind of mandate to pervert two centuries of our country's democratic aspirations into an empire-building reach for corporate global dominance all driven by the rich oilfields of the Persian Gulf. I hope it's just politics as usual.

Build it near the jail

A new courthouse downtown is not the answer. We keep felons in jail so they are off the streets, so wouldn't it make more sense to keep them in one area, rather than transport them through downtown Steamboat? Build the courthouse near the jail so they won't come into town and threaten the residents of Steamboat. Let the lawyers drive across town, it's much safer. "No" on 1A.

What's next?

Remember when they wanted a new tax to build a new school? They just had to have it. Well guess what? It was voted down and they settled for less and they still have a nice school. The parking lot they want to go with the new courthouse will not benefit the downtown area. The people who are behind these new taxes have big ideas, but remember, it's your money they are spending, and we are overtaxed already. This year the courthouse, what's next? "No" on 1A.

Not handicap-accessible

I'd like to know why, when the county wants to spend so much money on a new courthouse, the old junior high, which is where the school offices are located, is still not handicap-accessible?

Find another option

Ask a police officer how safe it is having prisoners transported to and from the jail and courthouse? Wasn't it the idea 12 years ago to put the courthouse next to the jail? Two comments in response to the Oct. 13 front page article: The comparison of the courthouse to the old hospital and old schools being overcrowded is fair, but both the schools and hospital found new locations that were more affordable. Regarding the employee who was worried about "urban sprawl" if the courthouse was located other than downtown, what are they thinking? We are far past urban sprawl, we now have "rural sprawl" with Steamboat staff driving daily from Craig, Wolcott and Kremmling. Nice idea commissioners, now find the original location we can all afford.

Where's the fairness?

The judicial facility should represent fairness. Is it fair that the facility is being granted several variances that the ordinary developer would not receive?

Wrong priorities

Why is this mill levy even being considered? It seems to me that there is not a more important function of city government than to provide adequate police, fire and ambulance services. Why, however, aren't these items at the top of the "need to provide" list on our city's budget? I will not support this 5 mill request as a statement to our know-it-all City Council that they need to be more responsive to the real needs of our community and less enthusiastic about funding the debatable benefits like chamber marketing and an airport expansion project that needs to sublet space to try to get even with debt service. Come on folks, enough is enough. Tell our council to get real. Vote NO on 2A.

Is this blackmail?

Never done this kind of thing before, but I've got to speak up, Sound Off if you wish. I just read the Oct. 26 Today about the sorry mess in Oak Creek regarding the police. John Warner's comment "play by the rules or else" seems to say volumes about term limits and the problems caused by the lack thereof. I've been an Oak Creek resident for 25 years and involved with our town government for the past eight years. I care about our little town, and its extended community. When I read this statement by Mr. Warner, the term "blackmail" was the first thing to come to mind. Doesn't he know this is wrong? If their last choice for Oak Creek chief is any indication of their hiring abilities, they have none. The article makes it appear that Mr. Warner's motivation is placed more on self-importance than public safety, more on job security than the welfare of the community.

I'd like to make a citizens arrest. I'd like to arrest Sheriff John Warner for blackmail. Where does he get off telling us who we can hire for police chief in Oak Creek?

Support for 2A

I'm voting "yes" on 2A, the mill levy for fire and ambulance service. Particularly after several years of drought and high fire danger, it's important to assure as quick a response time as possible for fire calls. Otherwise, we are a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Distortion of facts

How much longer are we going to let King Kevin Bennett and his followers to continue to divide this community with distortion of facts and information? I support any effort to consolidate our water districts for all of our community.

Everyone wins

I'm going to vote for consolidation. The water authority will be accountable to the City Council and everybody wins when we save $1 million or more in the next five years.

Kudos for hard work

I just want to say I support water consolidation because I think it's economically sound. I support the City Council for its hard work and the information council members are trying to get out on this issue.

Looking to unite us

At last we have a City Council trying to unite our community. At last we have a City Council trying to educate our community. It's time we all support 2C and consolidate our water system into one with a common-sense board.

Support for council

I want to say that I support 2C, the water consolidation. I want to also say I support the City Council in its efforts and the council members' rights to free speech. People need to stop attacking and start working together as a community.

Let's work together

I'd like to make a comment on water consolidation. I support water consolidation and I support the City Council's efforts. I'm very discouraged by the negative propaganda spreading in this community. It's not helping us work together.

Sad and disheartening

I would like to comment on an ad campaign that the proponents of 2C put in the Today newspaper on Wednesday. I find it very sad and disheartening that this group felt they needed to use a name-dropping, who's-who strategy in support of 2C. I feel that this exact mentality is the main thing that has been severely dividing our community. I'm a nobody and I'm voting "no" on 2C.

Negative ads divide us

Oops. I thought Steamboat was special, different from the rest of the world. I guess I'm wrong. The negative inflammatory ads against 2C only divide us, they don't unite us. Is power more important than trying to work together? I support 2C. I support City Council's efforts. And I support one water board. No politicians please.

Get a life, people

Some people need to get a life and a job. What's with attacking City Council members trying to talk to our citizens about their views? Hey, I appreciate it. And guess what. They aren't accusing people of dastardly deeds. What's with this group against 2C? Your egos miss all that power? I'm voting "yes" on 2C. I'm voting for a water board with common sense and fewer egos.

Stop the name calling

Bud Romberg's letter on Oct. 30 in the Today is exactly correct. Furthermore, I think there has been some name-calling here of the City Council that is doing its best to do the things the community needs, and there should be no name calling or inferences that the council is doing anything else. It's unacceptable.

A power grab

I intend to vote "no" on 2C. This is nothing more than a power grab by developers and Realtors.


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