SSHS vandalized on Halloween


— An estimated $5,000 worth of property was damaged at Steamboat Springs High School Halloween night.

Police and school officials are investigating who might have broken windows in the rear of the high school at about 11 p.m. Thursday.

"This is the most vandalism that has been done to our school in a long time," said Dave Schmid, principal of Steamboat Springs High School.

A rock was used to break a large window in the school's music room. Remnants of eggs were found where a second nearby window was damaged.

As of Friday afternoon, no one had stepped forward to claim responsibility and police did not have any leads on who might have vandalized the property.

The rock that shattered the larger window was found inside the music room, along with multiple glass fragments. The person or persons responsible did not enter the building.

Several eggs were thrown at the building. The second window was already cracked, said officer Mike Kerry of the Steamboat Springs Police Department.

"The egg hit it and pretty much finished it off," Kerry said.

Police are guessing the vandals were students because eggs were involved.

But police are taking the incident seriously.

Property damage that exceeds $500 is classified as a felony.

Information about the incident has been forwarded to the high school resource officer.

Schmid said he was disappointed about the vandalism. The students were also upset, he said.

The damage was boarded up Friday, but now the school must pay for an expense it did not anticipate, he said.

"We just didn't budget $5,000 to replace windows," he said.

Schmid said he wasn't sure where the money would come from, but he was sure the school would find who was responsible.

"We have a plan," he said. "We know what we are going to do."

People with information about the vandalism should contact the Steamboat Springs Police Department at 879-1144. All calls are confidential.


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