Off the mark

Your editorial on May 19 regarding Triple Crown fails basic common sense.

You cannot have it both ways. It is ridiculous to suggest summer crowds are only anecdotally related to Triple Crown while saying there is no question of the economic impact of several million dollars that Triple Crown brings to the area. How do people that exist only anecdotally consistently spend so much money?

The question is not whether Triple Crown adds to the summer crowds, but whether Steamboat wants a busy or slow summer economy taking into consideration that construction activity may be significantly down from prior years.

As for access to Emerald Park why the great fight with neighbors and the railroad? Two million dollars to access that park is ridiculous. Surely it'd cost a lot less to build a new park. Steamboat's growth area to the west could certainly use a large park with many fields. Also, if Emerald Park's are the "best" in Steamboat, then field maintenance priorities are badly placed.

The fields at Howelsen, which have the best access and fewest neighborhood problems, should be the best maintained fields.

Scott Wedel

Steamboat Springs

To tell the truth

I am writing to express what I can only describe as unmitigated outrage at the allegations Charles Feldmann is leveling at District Attorney Paul McLimans.

I worked as a prosecutor for Paul McLimans for about three years. People who know me from Routt and Grand counties, both inside and outside the criminal justice system, would, I think, tell you that I am fair and rationale as a prosecutor and as a person.

In an article published May 16, 2002, in Steamboat Today, Feldmann accuses Mr. McLimans of intentionally making false criminal allegations against him. He alleges that Mr. McLimans engaged in this criminal conduct out of some unexplained desire to sabotage Feldmann's political ambitions.

Charles Feldmann and I worked for Mr. McLimans at the same time.

While I had more contact with Mr. McLimans than with Charles Feldmann, I think I got to know both of them reasonably well, and Mr. McLimans' honesty and integrity are unmatched.

Therefore, I can draw only one conclusion from Mr. Feldmann's public statements about Mr. McLimans: Charles Feldmann is not telling the truth.

I am not prone to absolutes, but I can tell you this: Paul McLimans would not, did not, do the things Feldmann claims I am as certain of this as I am of the sky above.

But it appears to me that Charles Feldmann found himself in a pinch, and out of pure desperation, accused others of a "witch hunt."

If there is a witch hunt going on in the 14th Judicial District, it is McLimans that is the target, not Feldmann. Time will tell how this sad tale plays out. Talk is exceedingly cheap, and I have no doubt that Feldmann's claims are just that, cheap talk.

Charles, shame on you.

Matt Karzen



I retract anything I've ever said about the Pilot being a good newspaper.

How utterly disappointing to read your "OUR VIEW" column in this Sunday's paper supporting the obnoxious and invasive mob from Triple Crown softball. Just when you were making great strides to make the Pilot a respectful and important publication of record.

Does the word "hypocrisy" mean anything to you? Is Sandy Evans-Hall on the board of directors of Worldwest Limited? What were you thinking when you endorsed the expansion of TCS into the Emerald Park ballfields? You know the overwhelming opposition to their presence here every summer. You know the results of the survey.

You print it every week. Get your story straight. What kind of poor logic dictates that simply because they spend money we should tear up our town and its beloved lifestyle to accommodate them?

This was the absolute worst thing I've ever read in this paper. You have betrayed Steamboat Springs with your hack writing and unsubstantiated opinions and join the greedy ranks of all those who are ruining this town.

You have lost the respect and loyalty of countless readers who relied on you to support the will of the city you print and profit in. Never again will I purchase or read this paper. Triple Crown's days in Steamboat are numbered. The people have spoken. The question is, will anyone listen?

Jeff Spry

Steamboat Springs


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