News for Saturday, May 4, 2002



Births for May 5, 2002

Obituaries for May 5, 2002


Lockhart properties up for sale

Several suitors looking to buy historic places around town

The three properties that Cookie Lockhart has put up for sale hold enough history for its own chapter in a Steamboat Springs textbook.

Weddings for May 5, 2002

State exploration Guidebook offers glimpses into public wilderness sites

Scott Warren's book, "Exploring Colorado's Wild Areas," will tempt you to visit areas of the state you might never have visited had you not delved into it.

The D-Hole

Kayakers throng to new whitewater park

"Park-n-play" is one of the strongest trends in whitewater kayaking, and it's thriving in downtown Steamboat.

Too dry to burn

Wildfire danger in Colorado postponed plans for controlled burns around Steamboat Springs. The Dry Lake Fuel Reduction Plan calls for 206 acres of controlled burning on three sites in the Steamboat urban interface areas of the Routt National Forest. U.S. Forest Service officials wanted to start the burns this spring, but wildfires in the state left the Hahns Peak/Bears Ears District shorthanded.

Fire protection tops ballot issue

Supporters of a property tax increase to raise revenue for the Oak Creek Fire Protection District hope May 7 brings them the outcome they see as necessary to ensure safety and responsiveness in the district.

ASC moves to protect bonds in case troubles arise

American Skiing Co. raised the specter of its real estate division confronting bankruptcy in documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission April 23.


Environmental expert joins NWCC Northwest Colorado Consultants Inc. now provides a broader range of environmental and engineering services with the addition of Bob Peterson to its staff.

Spirit Challenge kicks off series

The beginning of the 2002 Steamboat Springs Running Series got under way Saturday with the 17th annual running of the Spirit Challenge Race.

Oh, what a sight!

View of planetary alignment happens once every 60 years

Since the end of April, local astronomer Jimmy Westlake has made it a point to gaze toward the western horizon.

Lacrosse ends inaugural season

The Steamboat Springs boys lacrosse team ended its season with its best half of the year. Problem was the first half wasn't so fantastic as the Sailors fell to Cherry Creek 13-3 on Saturday.

Music from the heart

Batson family, community team up to battle leukemia

Sean Batson said he is going to play his flute for his 9-year-old brother, Galen, and all the children when he visits the Children's Hospital in Denver where Galen has been receiving treatments for leukemia. Deb Batson, mother of the children, said Sean lifts Galen's spirits by playing with him and hanging out during chemotherapy treatments, but will also help him recover by being the bone marrow donor for the transplant Galen will need.


Condolences Wilson B. Roup, 88, of Denver, died recently.


The Hayden High School jazz band director, Todd Sargent, entertained the seniors at The Haven last Tuesday afternoon. It was greatly appreciated.

Going Forward

Residents, officials updating the Area Community Plan

There is no question that Steamboat Springs will grow. Where the question lies is how the city and county will manage that growth.

Having the time of their lives

Sailors spend prom night 'on the Nile'

Entering the world after high school is a rite of passage that can begin with the pinning of a corsage to a beautiful silk gown or with wearing a tux and dancing with friends, an experience many juniors and seniors had at the prom Saturday night.

Remembering the prom

Finding a prom dress in Steamboat Springs in 1976 may have been hard for most girls attending the prom, but for Kim Symalla, it was easy after being offered a flight on a private LTV Lear Jet to Denver.


Roads to the outside open

Spring is opening up in good shape. Farmers are getting at their work and the roads are getting good. Automobiles have been traveling between Craig and Steamboat for the past week.

Taking on the world

Outdoor sports companies fasten onto global markets

A half-dozen of Steamboat's biggest companies are also among its smallest companies. And they refuse to be contained by four walls.

Hayden's Kostur fares well at meet

Soroco, Steamboat athletes also have good showings in Craig

Hayden's lone female freshman jumper said she joined the track team in March to improve her agility in fall and winter sports. Her most recent performance proves otherwise.

Leaving a legacy

Sailors' soccer season ends after 3-1 loss to Lightning

The senior members of the Steamboat Springs girls soccer team huddled together in their grass-stained uniforms, holding real flowers, trying to form smiles.


Sailing as the underdog

The idea must have looked better on paper when the Colorado High School Activities Association drew the line a few years ago.


Dear Bertha, Not able to work in the mines on account of TB, Davie had to do something to keep busy and so took up knitting. He became so expert at knitting that he made petticoats and even underwear for his sisters.