News for Sunday, March 3, 2002



Fire department seeks volunteers

Dedication, strength and a willingness to be woken up at 3 a.m. are all characteristics the city is looking for in new volunteers for its fire department.

Hahn's Peak reaches 35 below

Temperatures in Routt County near record low on Sunday

A northerly flow of cold air out of Canada swept into Routt County this weekend that dropped temperatures down near record lows. The National Weather Service showed the temperature dropping to 21 below zero on Sunday morning in Steamboat Springs, getting close to the low record set in 1943 of 25 below zero. The numbers showed Saturday was warmer, at 19 below zero.

Heuga Snow Express raises $53,000

The numbers totaled after three ski races at Mount Werner on Sunday showed the 16th annual Snow Express for MS, a fund-raiser for the Heuga Center, raised just more than $53,000 in Steamboat Springs. The total is less than what was raised last year, but given the circumstances, officials say they are happy.

Waiter, call me a taxi all right sir, you're a taxi

You've probably never had the food server's recurring nightmare. But I have.

COPD: An irreversible, preventable lung disease

There is a killer disease that claims the lives of nearly 87,000 Americans every year.