Woman sentenced to prison

40-year-old stole Blazer from resident in the fall


— A 40-year-old woman who fraudulently posed as an auto broker and stole a vehicle last May was sentenced to six years in prison Friday afternoon.

Robin Lynn Darbyshire was handed the prison sentence by 14th Judicial Judge Joel S. Thompson for her guilty pleas to two counts of forgery, a class five felony.

Because of a plea agreement, Darbyshire will serve the maximum sentence for the charge in return for the dismissal of other charges.

Darbyshire, who has been behind bars at the Routt County Jail since May 16, 2001, stole a 1986 Chevrolet Blazer from a Steamboat Springs resident in the fall of 2000 after posing as an auto broker.

According to court records, Darbyshire bought a Blazer and a 1990 Ford truck posing as a representative of Quality Auto Brokers Inc., a Denver firm that is no longer in business.

Darbyshire wrote a stolen check from the firm for $7,200 for both vehicles and drove off in the Blazer.

The local resident found out about Darbyshire's scam when the check failed to clear the bank.

Investigators were able to trace the theft to Darbyshire because at the time she drove off in the Blazer, she left a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier at the scene.

Darbyshire allegedly stole the car in September 2000 from a co-worker in Amarillo. Authorities there have issued a warrant for her arrest for the alleged auto theft. She is also wanted in New Mexico.

Along with the prison sentence, Darbyshire has to pay restitution and will be placed on two years of parole once she has completed her sentence.

Deputy District Attorney David Moffat said he agreed to the plea agreement because Darbyshire is wanted in two other states and has an extensive criminal history, five felony convictions.

"Once she does her six years here, she will be shipped off to another state," Moffat said. "She is going to spend the majority of the rest of her life in jail."

In return for Darbyshire's guilty plea, Moffat dismissed felony charges of first-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft and criminal impersonation.

Darbyshire's attorney, Leslie Goldstein, said the sentence and the plea agreement were fair.

"She is receiving the maximum sentence for these felonies," Goldstein said. "Because she has been in custody since May, she has had an immediate consequence for her behavior."

Darbyshire was brought to Routt County after she was arrested in Carson City, Nev.

Court records show the woman has an extensive criminal record and has spent time in multiple correctional facilities.

Prior convictions include theft and fraud.

Along with the motor vehicle theft charge she faces in Texas, Darbyshire is also wanted in New Mexico because she allegedly forged checks belonging to a Taos artist, records show.


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