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Opposition to Triple Crown
I just wanted to comment on Kathy Connell's remark in the Today that there are only a few people who are opposed to Triple Crown. That is not true. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of us. Why should someone who has so much to gain from Triple Crown by bringing so many people to this city be allowed to make this decision for all of us?

The bridge and the Post Office
The post office has the right to do with its land what it wants, just like the Health and Recreation Center has the right to do what it wants with its land. It's the post office's decision to make.

The postmaster is joking right? He's just showing his incredible sense of humor with the whole notion of not putting the bridge back, because that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Yes, in reference to the recent demolition of the bridge between the post office and the health and recreation center, I'm considering starting a shuttle service between the post office and health and rec. In order to determine the viability, I'd like people to sign up at the health and recreation center and indicate their preferred times of departure and arrival. Also, if there's enough interest we might stop at the Texaco for the use of the restrooms and refreshments.

I think the postmaster is not seeing the big picture. The big picture is being a good neighbor and he has chosen not to be a good neighbor.

I don't know why the postmaster wouldn't want us to have a bridge between the post office and the pool. And I'm upset about these sacking fees. $375? I think the postmaster needs to go someplace else.

I really think the bridge is a really safe way for parents and children to go back and forth between the post office and the pool and it would be a nice addition to get that rebuilt.

I would assume that people using the facilities at the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Association are doing so for the purpose of fitness and overall good health, yet they are too lazy to walk an extra 100 feet to get their mail? By evicting the residents of Trailer Haven, health and recreation has already demonstrated that parking/tennis courts are more important to them than affordable housing in Steamboat and now they are trying to push their parking problem onto the post office and the community in general?
Chamber acting like Enron
What a bunch of malarkey the chamber is pitching us now. They claim the city gets $400,00 income from sales tax just due to Triple Crown sports. That's a ridiculous figure and they don't say what the city's costs are. The chamber is acting like Enron.


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