Green grow the mountains, ho! Yes, the higher aspens have finally got green, so the valley from Steamboat to the rocks on Hahn's Peak, is so- so-green, finally. We need some rain, of course.

Marsy and I went on one of our flower search parties Monday eve. We stopped by the big meadow west and there they were, we presume the two whooping cranes that were there last year. Then we turned back to the old placer and went up the hill. All of the sudden we spotted quite a few wild pretty pink geraniums. Along on the other side were a couple of tall purple fringe. There were even lots of white knotweed up the side of the hill, and then one lonely mules ear sunflower. Those flowers are beginning to pop out all over.

Then we walked up Tombstone Trail over in the state park and were pleasantly surprised to find more fairy slipper orchids, taller and more pink than the ones at Pearl Lake last week. So, hurry up here very soon if you want to look into those pretty faces.

Talked to Eileen Braziel, one of our all-winter families up on North Main. When I asked her about the winter, she stood there, hunched up her shoulders and acted like she was shivering cold. She was so cold their gas bill was outrageous.

Eileen was also telling me about the loose dogs in the village. Last year a neighbor's dog killed another local one. Already this year another dog almost killed a neighbor's dog. Animal control is supposed to be in effect here. A meeting is coming up soon.

Maureen Zehner was in the shop recently. She and David are building in Badger Meadows. She said that Judy and David Joe had bought Ron's share of the Zehner cabin, which was built here in the late '50s.

Ron and Jeannie Higgins were at their cabin up on Cottonwood for a quiet weekend. They were here four days, and Ron did some fishing, but Jeannie spent her time loafing and "just enjoying."

David, their son, and Heather were here recently for a "getaway" time. Ron and Jeannie at home in Craig had Daniel's two girls. One day David called to his folks and said, "It's is so beautiful up here we don't want to come home. You can keep the kids, or sell them."

We have some new residents here in the village. Many of you know Marsala (Marcy to most people) who has worked at the Clark Store for several years, her son Keith, and Marsy's friend Vicki moved into cabin up in the trees across from Wiggins Diggins. Keith works at the Steamboat Pilot; Vickie works at the laundromat cleaner in town. The cabin was built by friends of Marsy's, the Darnells in Craig, but is now owned by Geo English in Texas.

I haven't met them yet, but Ty and Jennifer Upson of Hayden bought the Conley cabin, which is up at the first corner from Santa Fe, where Ty was employed with the Forest Service for 21 years. He was featured recently in the Today paper. Jennifer has been a full-time mom these many years. Welcome, Tysons.

Lila Rizzardi and daughter Bambi, who summer in the old log cabin, first one here on Main, had a peaceful, warm winter in Grand Junction. They started moving here for the summer in early May and finally stayed put on May 27.

Compiled by Rilla Wiggins


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