Town Board to look at skyline regulations


Routt County would like to know if the town of Hayden wants to lend its support to county efforts to limit development on skyline ridges.
The Hayden Town Board will consider the county's Skyline Development Regulations Thursday evening.
Chad Phillips, assistant director of the Routt County Planning Department, will share the current status of the regulations to the Hayden Town Board.
The Town Board will likely discuss its position on the regulations, Town Manager Rob Straebel said.
If trustees wish to endorse the county's efforts to curb development on skyline ridges, they can make a motion that would support limited development on skylined ridges in the unincorporated areas that surround the town.
The Town Board, however, does not need to respond with its comments until Friday.
The Cog has been identified as one of the areas near Hayden that would benefit from skyline regulations.
The Hayden Comprehensive Plan, which the Town Board unanimously adopted in November 2000, refers to limiting the negative impacts of houses built on skylined areas.
An objective from the plan calls for protection of unique scenic and natural resources. Such resources include irreplaceable vegetation and wildlife habitat that exist along the skylined ridges. A recommendation from the plan includes a line that calls for barring development from skylining a ridgetop or hill, as well as prohibiting development from creating silhouettes along outlying mountains and countryside that surrounds Hayden.
Routt County Commissioners and members of the Routt County Planning Commission have stated in recent meetings their interest in getting some response about skyline regulations from surrounding towns.
The Planning Commission earlier recommended approval of skyline regulations to county commissioners, but commissioners asked the Planning Commission to first determine if the towns of Yampa, Oak Creek and Hayden would support such regulations.
Comprehensive plans for Oak Creek and Yampa also include language that refers to limiting development along skylined areas.
The commissioners will revisit skyline regulations in late June.
Those who wish to see the County-Wide Skylined Areas Map, as well as the factors utilized in the map's creation, should visit the County Planning Department in the courthouse annex.
The meeting begins at 7:30 at Hayden Town Hall.


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