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City should explain
I see the city is going to want more taxes. I for one am not going to vote for new taxes until the city can tell me where all the money is going. Sales taxes keep going up and up and the city keeps saying it has less and less money. I just don't understand that. The city has some explaining to do.

Why not vote?
I think it's appalling that the chairwoman of the Routt County Republican Party said she would not encourage people to vote in the August primary. And we wonder why people are apathetic about voting.

On String Cheese...
I do not think Steamboat should host another music festival featuring String Cheese Incident. We do not need this kind of influence for our kids in this community.

I think the answer is an emphatic "yes." Especially the String Cheese incident because of their wide musical genre, I think they draw crowds of a wide generational selection. I don't think there are many bands that draw as wide a variety as the String Cheese Incident. Rest assured this band will be around in 25 years and Steamboat will be proud to have hosted them during their larva stage.

We don't believe that Steamboat Springs should host the String Cheese Incident or any other concert that would bring the drug element to Steamboat.

I am not in favor of the concerts we had like those we had over the Fourth of July. I don't see any reason to bring that element to town. They don't bring that much money. Most businesses don't benefit from them.

Steamboat should absolutely host another String Cheese Incident. It was a well-run event, most people behaved themselves, and it brings in a different cross section that Steamboat needs.


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