News for Sunday, July 21, 2002



Grasshoppers ... They're what's for dinner

Eating grasshoppers is gross. That was the only excuse he gave for not coming to the grasshopper dinner party.

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Fires can't keep visitors from enjoying Steamboat

Wildfires, drought and an infestation of grasshoppers did not keep tourists away this weekend. With Triple Crown, the Mountain Soccer Tournament and the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series, the weekend was predicted to be one of the biggest of the summer for an influx of people.

Weather continues to aid wildfire efforts

The skies opened Saturday night and a half-inch of rain provided relief for firefighters who have been battling wildfires burning southwest, southeast and north of Steamboat. The rain halted growth of the Green Creek fire in the Sarvice Creek Wilderness area, the Lost Lakes fire in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area and the newest fire at Big Fish Lake, five miles south of the Lost Lakes fire.

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Tom Ross: Time to take a road trip

The full moon will rise over Soda Mountain on Wednesday. The Broncos report to Greeley on Thursday, and already the August calendar that hangs in the kitchen is filling with reminders and appointments. I've got an itch that needs scratching. I feel a road trip coming on. Summer is far from over, but it's definitely time to take stock and re-prioritize.