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Series a plus

I just wanted to call and say that I appreciate the Pilot & Today's series on affordable housing. This is something that has a big impact on most of us who live here, but mostly all that has happened is lip service. Hopefully, someone that matters is reading the stories and taking note of what the people in the stories are going through.

Kudos to fire coverage

Thanks to the newspaper for the wonderful stories and photos this week about the fires in our area. I knew what was going on thanks to the Pilot & Today.

I have been following the Hinman fire closely through the Pilot & Today Web site. Good job. Before my job moved us on, we were Colorado residents and have vacationed and hunted in the Clark area for several years and plan on being back in October this year. It holds a special place with me. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the firefighters and residents of the area.

Thank you so much for the "Breaking News" section on your Web site. Living in a rural area in our satellite world, we can get news 24 hours a day on events happening halfway around the world and, at the same time, are ignorant regarding critical events happening 5 (or less) miles from our homes. We really need the medium you are providing at this time for continuously updated and accurate information. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate it.

No Tour news

Why am I not surprised that a newspaper that supports a drug fest in Steamboat Springs would print two stories on Allen Iverson, the thug basketball player, in Tuesday's newspaper and nothing on the Tour de France?

Save open space

I and others agree with recent comments about everyone's responsibility for protecting open space, but the Planning Commissions report to the county commissioners and City Council who get their mandates from us, the citizens and property owners they purport to represent. So if we the people are serious about preserving our open space, then we need to let these commissioners know this loud and clear in order to continually give the Planning Commission its proper marching orders on open space preservation as it goes about its business reviewing new developments in the county. This means that the proposed skyline regulations need more teeth if we are going to preserve both the ridgelines and the open space below it. It's high time the silent majority stand up and opens its collective mouth and is heard before it is too late.

We snubbed Brown

I think that Doug Crowl was off base when he said that James Brown snubbed us. We snubbed him. I doubt James Brown will ever be back again, because he has been dissed by some of the people in Steamboat Springs too many times.


Mr. King and the promoters of Triple Crown are full of it. King said he has been teased with Emerald Park for nine years and that city officials have guaranteed its use. The truth is that those fields were developed from the beginning as fields for local youth only, because the Howelsen fields were becoming filled with local adult programs and Triple Crown. They have never been promised to Triple Crown. It's a matter of principle that the city keeps its promise to only use those fields for local youth programs. Anything less is selling out to commercial interests.

Keep Triple Crown here

I agree with the Pilot & Today about Triple Crown. It is a benefit to our community economically, but people have chosen to make it the scapegoat for traffic and crowds. I can't think of a better group to bring to Steamboat than kids playing baseball, soccer and softball and their parents. Enough with the whining already. Build more baseball fields and keep bringing Triple Crown back.


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