Smoke! Smoke! and more Smoke! Thank goodness it isn't from local fires. However, it could happen here. We went up to Whiskey Park the other day and were surprised to see some people around a campfire. Thought we'd report them but when we came back, the camp area was cleared, the fire was out.

The grass is beginning to turn a little brown but our area is still the greenest and the flowers are still blooming. On the north side of Hahn's Peak, the Columbines are tall, big and dark purple. Up at Rose Creek there are hundreds of white sticks bog orchids and tall, tall stems of little elephant and owl clover. We found six shooting stars just about withered away but still that lovely pink. It's great fun to keep up with all these beautiful flowers.

Some travelers were all excited because they had just seen 40 elk. That was off C.R. 129, on the Bow Hunter's Trail.

Dennis Allen, son of Roger and Carey Allen, and his kids, Kiona and Triston, were at the Allen cabin last week.

We have another new business over at the old Village Treasure building that now has Dana's restaurant in the west half. Marc Titre, originally from Mississippi who worked for the state park three years ago, opened his fly-fishing shop in the east half Memorial weekend and sells fly-fishing supplies. He also has fly-fishing guides for fishing tours down Elk River.

Bernie Wilson stopped in the other day. Hahn's Peak is an important place to her because her grandmother, Mary Alice Gray, and her husband bought their marriage license here at the courthouse.

Someone was on the porch at the cabin on Main's second corner, so I stopped. Someone new, Liz Sevcik, and her two pups, were out there, Liz was cooking some good-looking meat, enough for the next couple of days. Liz bought the house from Jim and Arleen, who live just above her. Liz works at the Glen Eden Resort as head housekeeper and moved up here from Clark. She grew up in Vermont.

Suzo Syvertson of Craig came to visit us here in Hahn's Peak and to see our historic schoolhouse. Suz's dad, Vince Bingham, went to school here when he was 7 or 8 years old. Suz brought her daughter from California to show her where her granddad went to school and to wonder if he skied to school, or rode a dog pulled a sled in the winter.

Howard Thomas' daughter, Jan, and David Bonham from Alabama, along with Howard's two great children, Cindy and Chris, from Florida are here for two weeks. Their first adventure was on the four-wheeler up Hahn's Peak. Ugh, it was, and still is, a real rough road!

Chuck and Gloria Root have been spending the last two weeks putting a new septic system at their house.

I can't tell you about the fun until next week but I can give you the names of the ice cream. Mallory Pollok makes it every year and has become a specialist in several good flavors: School Marm Vanilla, Hahn's Peak Strawberry, Mahler's Chocolate Mint, Tracy and Lant Rum Raisin, Logger's Lemon Custard, Poverty Bar Pumpkin and Bear Cage Jail Coffee. They are "old Hahn's Peak name" flavors.

What a fun time! I'm referring to the Ice Cream Social July 4 at our historic green schoolhouse. Besides our American holiday, we celebrated the forming of the Hahn's Peak Historical Society, which was 30 years ago, and the beginning of Hahn's Peak Village, started 140 years ago, in 1862.

There were 130 people that moved through the ice cream line, having trouble deciding which flavor of Mallory's homemade ice cream to select. Four-year-old Alexander poured the cups of lemonade and Bill Fetcher bought a rhubarb pie.

We got a lot of new members for the Historic Society, and people enjoyed just sitting around, visiting and getting acquainted.

A few minutes before the scheduled quitting time, we ran out of ice cream, so we had to finish the cakes and cookies. Then the drawing was made for the nine door prizes and here are the winners: Gail Garneau won a Galusha oil painting donated by Rich Galusha; Jim Hidy won a CD player donated by Cook Chevrolet; Brad Chase won a watercolor by D.D. Knox donated by Dee Dee Knox; Leo Schneider won a color photo of Hahn's Peak donated by Rilla Wiggins; Bill Fetcher won a telephone donated by Cook Chevrolet; Ruth Schneider won a dinner donated by the Hahn's Peak CafCallie Stanley won a dinner donated by the Hahn's Peak CafCharles Root won a life membership to the Hahn's Peak Historical Society and Judy Zehner won a 2003 membership to the Hahn's Peak Historical Society.

Don't go in my backyard. The tiny grasshoppers are thick. Of course, they are bad all along the highway, too, and they get squashed all over the windshield. They have eaten most of the rhubarb, too.

If you hurry, maybe you can see the flower garden on the north side of Hahn's Peak. The Columbines are still in heavy bloom over there, the blossoms are dark purple as they should be. We stopped when we saw a big bunch; Bill climbed up the steep bank, and counted 31 Columbine in one clump.

And then, this is the time to go up Deep Creek, the cow parsnips big, white flat blossoms, with lots of tall purple delphinium sticking up through the cow parsnip, is a spectacular sight. Hurry, before the sheep get to that area. Saw two truckloads of sheep go up the road last week, so it won't take long for them to trample all the flowers.

We were all excited for the Adamo family the first of the month. Carlie, the oldest daughter, won a year's trip to Italy from the Rotary Student Exchange in Steamboat, and left last August. By July 30, she was ready to come home, but, the whole Adamo family went over to accompany her back. They all spent two weeks over there. When I asked Courtney what her favorite place was, she said "Venice." It was a great trip.

Then, after the Adamos got home, they celebrated Courtney's 13th birthday, on the same day, their friend, Jenna Braziel, who lives across the street, celebrated her 12th birthday.

On Saturday, July 6, was the annual Captain's Cove picnic and golf tournament, at the Bill Hill cabin, which is on the south side of Steamboat Lake. Bill has built the Cow Chip golf course by his place, and it has become quite a popular spot. Several of our Hahn's Peakers were there for the tournament and dinner, including the Ragans, Wiggins and Bill Brandon, who, since he hasn't sold his house here yet, is still a Hahn's Peaker. In fact, Bill won the tournament.

There were lots of "Hahn's Peakers" here for the holiday, as usual. Ken and Mary Lou Richards, son Greg and family were here to help Mary Lou celebrate her 58th birthday, July 6.

Jim and Ardlene Knoll, Callie and Stanley, with his baby frog collection; Mike and Karen, Pearl Marth, Gus and Brandy Reeves and children from Grand Junction; and Iva Allen, owner of the cabin, her for the first time this summer because of back problems, all here for a family fun time.

Around our north corner, and up the hill, across from the Klines, the Powers family is building a new house. They have six kids. Those kids will have fun in that deep snow on Hill Street. Welcome to the Powers.

Marilyn and Dale Hofstetter of Missouri, Tom and Deidre Maneotis of Craig were at the Higgins cabin over the weekend.

There were several campers, four to be exact, parked at Jim and Myrna Brechheisens, just playing.

Charles and Gloria Root's daughter and husband were here, helped at the social, then took off for Denver to celebrate Root's 50th anniversary.

A bunch of the Ragans were here, daughter Rise and Dru from Salt Lake, and Jeff, who arrived just in time for the golf tournament.

Compiled by Rilla Wiggins


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