Taking the plunge


— "It leads to a stagnate life." I think that was my favorite. "The first guy to leave in the band is always the married guy." That one might be my second favorite. I hear it every other week or so by a guy in my band.

Since becoming engaged during the winter, I've been on an involuntary quest of collecting random comments from my single friends.

"Dude, that's just scary."

They all really said these things to me. I'm not making it up. It kind of peaked my interest at first. I didn't know after the standard congratulations you get showered with a stock of strange comments.

"I can't believe you would ever, ever want to get married."

I wondered what was the deal with these people? What is the big fear of taking the plunge?

"Doug, I honestly can say that I never thought this would happen to you."

It's like some people believe it's possible to meet someone you actually want to voluntarily spend an ample amount of time with. Meanwhile, everyone at the bars, at the health club, at barbecues or any other social function are just looking for people to meet to spend an ample amount of time with, in what looks like this endless search. That got old.

"Misery loves company." A married guy actually said that.

But does this marriage thing really mean the end of picking music until the morning? Are the random road trips to nowhere and back again a thing of the past? Is hanging with the boys now going to be like scheduling a doctor's appointment? Snowboarding?

Am I destined to never again leave the house without a leash?

"You know, it's not too late to get out of this. I'll talk to her for you."

Probably not. Why would you marry someone who wants to change the things in your live that you like? Someone who doesn't like the things you like?

"Just think of all those other girls out there!"

In the end, all the comments were like a weird, natural form of pre-marriage counseling. So for all those who are concerned, everything is going to be OK and thanks for the laughs.

"I guess in Steamboat, if you find a girl, you marry her as fast as you possibly can."


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