Weed Tour today

Learn about native, non-native plants


— The thought of hopping aboard a bus to brush up on Weeds 101 may sound somewhat amusing to those who pay little attention to the loathsome plants that invade Routt County.

It's no laughing matter to the people responsible for monitoring and controlling their spread.

The Colorado State Cooperative Extension Office in Routt County hopes its Weed Tour 2002 causes a few more people to stop and consider the weightiness of the matter.

But that's not to say those on the tour can't be entertained while learning about noxious and poisonous plants with a few dozen other people.

"It's great fun," Extension Office Director C.J. Mucklow said. "And it's educational."

This year marks the fourth or fifth time the tour has been offered to area residents.

People who wish to participate should meet at the county courthouse parking lot at 5:15 today.

The tour runs until 6:45 p.m.

Surprisingly, a large group of city residents turn out for the introduction to noxious plants in and around Steamboat Springs, county weed supervisor Matt Custer said.

City staff, as well as city and county officials, also join the tour.

The Extension Office hopes to see the same turnout this year.

People who live in the rural areas of the county already recognize the weeds and know how to control them, Custer said.

It's the people who are within the city limits that may not recognize the subtle differences between native and non-native plants, he added.

"What we're trying to show here is how widespread it is and how important it is to control them," Mucklow said.

The tour includes stops at Butcherknife Creek and Howelsen Hill.

Information on such things as herbicides and poisonous plants will also be given.


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