News for Sunday, January 20, 2002



Depression more than a blue mood

How many times have you said or heard someone say "I'm depressed"? This phrase has become a part of our everyday language. It is used by adults and kids to describe a wide range of feelings.

Event to celebrate Olympians

Community gathering set to recognize Olympic heritage

Steamboat Springs will send its athletes to Salt Lake City in style with a community celebration Feb. 1 on the courthouse lawn.

Schools tie holiday with history

Students learn about King on observed birthday

Instead of observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day with staff instructions and meetings, students and teachers in the Steamboat Springs School District will be in the classroom this year receiving a small dose of history from one of the nation's most prominent civil rights leaders.

On the brink of making history once again

Maybe you don't remember Gordy Wren if you've just moved to Steamboat Springs in the past couple of years, it's understandable he died Nov. 25, 1999, at the age of 80. With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, I think it's worthwhile to refocus on Gordy's remarkable skiing career, because Steamboat native Gordy Wren accomplished something unheard of in international skiing today.

Doctor looking forward to serving at Games

Dr. Bryan Bomberg of Steamboat Orthopedic Associates, P.C. is one of Steamboat's many ties to the 2002 Olympics.

Demong wins first Nordic Combined World Cup

American Bill Demong won his first Nordic Combined World Cup Sunday in Liberec, Czech Republic, holding off Czech Pavel Churavy by 2 seconds. World Cup leader Felix Gottwald of Austria took third. This marks the second time an American has won a World Cup this season.