Sound off for Dec. 29


Yeah for races

It will be great to have the snowmobile event at Howelsen at the rodeo grounds. As for Mrs. Stettner's information, Howelsen Hill's tradition has not always been nonmotorized. Many years ago, probably before she arrived on the scene, the stock-car races were held at the rodeo grounds. They were held there for a good many years, before the newcomers ran them out. Yeah for the snowmobile races.

Bring races to Oak Creek

I just wanted to give an answer to supporting snowmobile races at Howelsen. Forget Howelsen, come to Oak Creek. Oak Creek is wide open for snowmobiling. You can snowmobile to get your mail, to get your groceries. You can snowmobile in people's yards, on the streets and private property. It is fun. Bring all the snowmobilers down to Oak Creek. We don't care about the noise or the pollution.

No, seriously

Bring the races to Oak Creek. Our town is suffering and our restaurants are suffering. We could use that revenue.

May goodwill prevail

If 6 million Muslim men, women and children were annihilated tomorrow, would good Christian Americans bat an eye? Diabolical forces are pushing us toward world war. Repent. May goodwill prevail in the hearts of men. Peace on earth.

People like snowcross

In regards to the snowcross race, I believe it's a good situation and that anyone who sees it will have a good time. I have traveled all over the western United States watching it, and people seem to enjoy it.

Stankos were the best

I just wanted to comment on the Tour of Lights judging. Can you believe it? I thought the Stankos' property on Twentymile Road was awe-inspiring, elegant and excellent. The "winners" were coordinated and nice. Who are these judges trying to fool? Come on, people. The Stankos' house was amazing.

More races needed

I think it's great they are having snowmobile races in Steamboat. They need more of them.

Snowmobile Town USA

Well it's looking like Ski Town USA should change its name to Snowmobile Town USA. We're going against city ordinance for noise. There is already no place to ski without snowmobiles. The city is pushing more snowmobiles. We might as well be wearing gas masks and earplugs.

A little observation

A big thanks to all who observe the 25 MPH speed limit in Heritage Park.

A bad precedent

Real community leaders set good examples of respect for their constituents by following the rules that their constituents must follow to obey local laws. The City Council majority set a terrible example of responsible leadership by waiving the city noise ordnance so snowmobile races could be held at Howelsen Hill. Obviously they don't care about the noise and air pollution they are inflicting on local residents just so a few more tourists can be crammed into Steamboat over the Christmas holiday to generate a few more sales tax dollars. The people who profit from this thoughtless commercialism will probably be back to get more of these events approved. How can residents enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes that local laws are supposed to ensure when the City Council won't follow the law, and the laws don't apply to their pet projects? And what about air pollution these snowmobiles inflict on people living near Howelsen Hill? City Council doesn't seem to care about these residents being forced to breathe this pollution so their pets can have an event at a taxpayer-owned facility. If the City Council majority who approved this blight on local residents has any concept of responsible community leadership, they certainly didn't show it in this situation.

And the restaurant is?

Salmonella. Withholding the name of the restaurant is inexcusable!


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