SOUND OFF for Dec. 22

Living with a cover-up


I just wanted to congratulate you on the article about the girls basketball team and the incident at the rental home where they are staying. Not only did you not mention the word "fatal," you did not mention the owner of the property or the property management company either. I'm sure you will get great reward for this great cover-up. I don't know how you guys live with yourselves.

Main street congestion

The Community Area Plan must address the main street congestion problems we experience. We need a plan to route Highway 40 around Steamboat. People who want to experience downtown Steamboat will get there quicker and in a better mood if they don't sit in traffic jams. Many left the city to get away from the fumes and congestion.

Kudos to Dowd, Thomas

We especially enjoy the articles you print written by Maureen Dowd and Helen Thomas. These women have been around for a long time and really know how to speak their minds. They have the depth and know-how of Washington and have the ability to express it forthright and right in your face.

Thanks, Cargo

Thanks to our Mayor Cargo for all she is doing to try and improve things in Oak Creek. Building a deck for the senior citizens, cleaning up the creek, her personal efforts to help kids stop smoking, and last but not least, we finally have recycling in Oak Creek thanks to Cargo. She takes action, and that is to be admired. To everyone in South Routt, use the recycling bins behind town hall. The only reasons I can think of for not recycling are selfishness and laziness. Take care of the Earth as she takes care of you.

YVRA in Hayden limits

To everyone on your staff, including Tom Ross. News flash -- the Yampa Valley Regional Airport is within the city limits of Hayden, and has been since 1996. It is not in Steamboat Springs or near Hayden.

How bad really is it?

I just read the Steamboat Today, that said Department gets grants to combat drunken drivers. I had thought that the police and sheriff's department were already given grants to stop drunken drivers, and that's why toward the end of every month there was an overflux of police, sheriff cars on the road stopping everyone before nightfall checking to see if there were drunken drivers. I do know that also in this town there is an excess of stopping people at random without any reason, to check if there are drunken drivers or for any other violations. What's funny, too, is that I just read the other day that drunken driving was down 56 percent in the state of Colorado, and I'm really wondering in this town, now I've been here 19 years ... I would like to know what are the statistics for drunken drivers in Steamboat Springs? This whole thing about getting a grant to combat drunken drivers, how bad is it REALLY in Steamboat Springs with drunken drivers? How bad REALLY is it?

Drivers: Safety first

I'm ashamed at about two-thirds of our drivers who are not as safe as they should be. On Tuesday, Dec. 17, we had lots of heavy snow. During the middle of that day, I, a pedestrian, looked at about 40 cars to see if their headlights were on or not. Out of the 40 cars, only 13 drivers had their lights on. About this same thing happens every day when the sun is going down. I haven't counted the number of cars that are turning during every day and night, but I notice several cars that are turning don't bother with using their blinker. I don't feel very safe when I'm crossing the street when cars are in the area. I hope that all drivers start to use their lights and blinkers at all times.

Congrats to educators

Congratulations to Dr. D and the staff at Strawberry Park Elementary on receiving the John Irwin School of Excellence award. We very much appreciate your continued hard work in your efforts to educate our children and we as parents are 100 percent behind you.

Are officers exempt?

If we're going to ban people using cell phones while driving, I hope this includes the Steamboat Springs police and the Routt County Sheriff's Office, because I have seen a number of them driving and using them.

The kicker

The proposal for a weather channel tops them all. Perhaps we can buy former Commissioner Ben Beall and all the other signers of this proposal a west-facing window and save Routt County taxpayers in the long run.

Snowmobile races a plus

It will be great to have the snowmobile event at Howelsen, at the rodeo grounds. AND for Ms. Stettner's information, Howelsen Hill's tradition has not always been nonmotorized. Many years ago, probably before she arrived on the scene, the stock-car races were held at the rodeo grounds. They were held there for a good many years, before the newcomers ran them out. Yeah for the snowmobile races.


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