Come out and support benefit


I swear everyone around here has or knows someone who has received a ticket for driving under the influence of alcohol.

It's the general consensus that it pretty much screws up your life for a little while, too. Aside from the legal and financial problems that driving drunk can cause you, let's not forget about the worse-case scenario an accident.

Unfortunately, drinking and driving accidents seem to often end up with someone losing their life, something we experienced in our community just a few months ago.

Despite the drawbacks to driving drunk, it still happens. Still, people who have had one or two or six too many drinks choose to get behind the wheel and run the gauntlet back home. It's something most people are guilty of doing at one time or another.

The fact is, no one really needs to drive drunk in Steamboat. Of course the obvious solution is not to drink when you're going to need to drive. I guess sometimes that's too obvious.

But we also have a bus, taxi and, for some, the famous Tipsy Taxi option.

Each year there is a benefit in town to raise money to pay for Alpine Taxi rides home for those who should not be driving the Tipsy Taxi benefit.

This year it's Wednesday at Levelz and features a band called Boogie Machine.

I don't know much about the band, except that the musicians are clad in polyester and have huge Afros, which in my experience have been the ingredients of interesting evenings.

Whatever not much hype has surrounded the event this year, mainly because in the past years local bands have performed at the show, which created a lot of word of mouth advertisement.

But it's still a good cause for you bar rats out there. Besides, it might be any one of us who gets a Tipsy Taxi ride home after a payday night out of reckless abandon.


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