Manager: Neil left because he felt threatened


— Burt Stein, the manager of rock singer Vince Neil, said the performer walked out of a Steamboat Springs concert because he felt threatened by a hostile crowd.

On Aug. 14, Neil left the Levelz Nightclub stage after performing three songs. The singer appeared angry because the cheering crowd didn't know the words to two of his songs and he called concertgoers derogatory names.

After exchanging words with fans in the front row, Neil left the stage and didn't come back.

"Do you want me to go? Then I'll go," Neil said before exiting to his tour bus.

Stein said Neil felt threatened.

"He was feeling there was some hostility in this crowd," Stein said.

Neil is the lead singer of the successful rock band Motley Crue. He stopped in Steamboat Springs on a solo tour with a backup band.

Neil and his associates initially wouldn't comment about the incident. Then an Associated Press story a Levelz employee as saying that Neil left the stage because the crowd didn't know the words to the songs. That story appeared in newspapers around the country and on numerous Web sites.

"Vince didn't walk off the stage because someone didn't know the lyrics to his songs," Stein said.

He insisted Vince felt threatened by the crowd.

Levelz owner Chad Gagliano said the employee wasn't authorized to speak for Levelz.

"The fans not knowing the words is an allegation, not a fact," he said. "No one truly knows why Vince left that stage except for Vince."

Gagliano refunded ticketholders the day after Neil's concert.

Stein said Neil would come back to Steamboat Springs to do "a proper show."


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