SOUND OFF for Aug. 18


Where are older bands?

It's too bad Vince Neil was a twit. I almost went to the show, since it's hard to find a band that this child of the 1980s can stand to listen to that comes to Steamboat. I get tired of hearing about all these "bluegrass-electronica-ska-jazz-club-house" cover bands. Sounds like they all play the same thing. Whatever happened to YES coming as per Doug Crowl's 4-Points article a few weeks ago? Any chance some other bands someone over 35 has heard of coming to the 'Boat?

Support a property tax

So is everybody happy now that all the Triple Crown bucks are rolling in? Not me. Contrary to Chamber Resort Association and City Council propaganda, most folks I know in this town, including business owners, recognize Triple Crown for the devil's bargain it is. We've sold this town's soul for the sake of money. Perhaps if the city weren't solely dependent on sales taxes for providing services to us, the residents of this town, we wouldn't need to accept every sales pitch. If you want to take your town back, support property taxes.

Lower Elk remodeling?

We would like to know who gave permission to the gentleman from Pennsylvania to completely remodel the lower Elk River?

Little crime in Oak Creek

Regardless what some people say or write about Oak Creek, we don't have much crime here. I have lived here for almost 40 years. In that time we've had about a dozen break-ins, one murder and some domestic violence. No rapes that I am aware of. Yes, we do need some kind of a police department, though I don't think we need any more than a two-man force for our size and population. For many years we only had one man on duty day and night. He did everything. I realize there are more people now than there was 40 years ago, but most of us that live here are good and honest people and we police ourselves.

On the police force

I admit I voted for Cargo, but I am becoming increasingly disappointed in her. She needs to get a focus and one of her primary focuses needs to be developing a quality police force. We had a burglary yesterday and no police officer to respond. We've gone too far, Cargo. We need to get focused and get a police officer and a police chief.

I think Oak Creek does need at least two police officers.

Of course Oak Creek needs a police department. We've always had one and we still need one.

The current Town Board has no business trying to establish a police force in Oak Creek. We need an outside branch to come in and set up a police force and try to solve our problems. A dysfunctional town with a dysfunctional mayor has no business controlling a real police department. Sheriff Warner, please, please, please help us.

The questions is really silly. Of course we need a police force. We stand behind our police force 100 percent.

I'm a citizen of Oak Creek and I do believe we do need a police force to protect our children, our elderly residents and our businesses in this town.

I am a resident of Oak Creek and I do think it needs a small very small police force.

We're in a police state

Yes I just want to thank the mayor of Oak Creek. Her arrogance toward the police has done nothing but turn us into a total police state.

Test residents for CWD

I'm a citizen of Oak Creek and I'm calling in here to Sound Off. I think the governor of Colorado ought to come in here and test the whole town, especially the Town Board, for CWD. There's no doubt in my mind that there's a direct link there somewhere.


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