Letters to the Editor for Aug. 18


Great neighbors
When my husband and I bought our little house here in Pleasant Valley, it was to satisfy our needs for a peaceful lifestyle among mountains, valleys and wildlife. We gave little to no thought on who our neighbors would be. An error we will never make again, should we ever have to relocate from our paradise here.

In the days following Jack's recent accident, we have received neighborly warmth that competed with the hottest day of this very summer. Neighbors (angels in disguise) made not one, but two trips to Denver to bring us home from the hospital. Neighbors spent time walking "Paddington Bear" to keep him from missing his parents too much. Neighbors brought us food, good home-cooked food. Where besides this neighborhood would you receive a "Yak" meatloaf with homegrown potatoes and onions! Maybe in Nepal. We have a very renaissance neighbor! Other neighbors and quilting friends brought baskets of delicious Colorado peaches, home-grown lettuces, bouquets of sweet peas and many other goodies.

Some neighbors took time out from their busy schedules to visit and chat with us. Everyone (except me!) listened sympathetically to Jack breathlessly (seven broken ribs) telling the epic tale of "Hombre" the horse versus Jack and the horse breaker. Score: Hombre 1, Jack nil.

Two of our "Barn Ladies" used their days off from official jobs to mow the fields and trim flowerbeds.

Finally, thank yous to the 84 phone-calling well-wishers who made it possible for Jack to exercise his mouth at a time when he could not exercise much else.

Thank you all for turning a bad situation into something good.

We love you,
Rita and Jack Greenberg
Steamboat Springs


You recently misquoted me in your paper. Over the years, I've gotten used to having my Libertarian principals distorted and taken out of context. The story in the Aug. 4 edition was simply outrageous.

I spoke of many issues with your reporter, both local and national.

As a Libertarian, I believe that the federal bureaucracy has stolen our constitutional birthright. I believe that "we the people" should restore the Constitution and return big government to its original constitutional boundaries.

"Overzealous law enforcement" and "becoming a police state" are problems caused by the federal government's theft of our rights.

On the local level, I stated our problem is "many years of one-sided biased law enforcement." The people of Oak Creek know this. That is why they voted for Cargo.

Your reporter was aware that I was unable to attend the secret meeting where Chief Lunnen's emergency dismissal of Sgt. Miller was discussed. My words "I think they may have stretched the definition of an emergency" were distorted to the point that it appears I was at this meeting and supported the process.

Last of all, I said, "Oak Creek is a hard working, hard living community." I say enough silly things on my own; I don't need your help.

I will continue to respond to your questions because I believe in the people's right to know what's going on. Your newspaper has a large role informing the people.

Misinformation is a disservice to everybody. It only hurts your reputation.

Mike Kien

Oak Creek


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