Fans get snubbed by Neil

Ex-Crue singer insults audience, leaves after 3 songs


— Singer Vince Neil, who had a warrant issued for his arrest in Los Angeles last week, stiffed fans Wednesday night at a concert in Steamboat Springs after performing three songs.

A small yet raucous crowd of about 250 people cheered for Neil, of glam rock band Motley Crue fame, during most of his short performance at Levelz nightclub. However, the singer was disturbed the head-banging crowd didn't know the words of two classic Motley Crue songs.

The 41-year-old singer cursed and insulted the audience repeatedly after his third song, provoking some insulted fans to yell back.

"Do you want me to go? Then I'll go," Neil said.

He threw the microphone into the audience and stomped off the stage.

Neil's backup band appeared stunned. They attempted to coax the singer back by playing a rendition of the Motley Crue classic song "Girls, Girls, Girls." Two fans climbed on stage to sing the lyrics before being escorted off by bouncers, but no Vince Neil. He had retreated to his tour bus parked in front of the nightclub. The band stopped playing and followed Neil's lead. The bus drove away about 30 minutes later, leaving the booing $25 ticketholders disappointed and forming a new opinion of the singer.

"Vince Neil sucks. He was being a jerk," concertgoer Chip Fleeman said. "Everyone was there to see him. Everyone was excited and having a good time."

Neil's manager was contacted about the singer's performance but wouldn't comment.

Levelz owner Chad Gagliano said he feels horrible about the incident.

"I'm sorry to the locals. We are refunding everyone who has a ticket stub," he said.

Gagliano will have to negotiate to get back all of the $11,000 it cost to bring Neil and the band to Steamboat Springs. He already has half of it.

Even if Gagliano does get the rest back, he said with the band's extra expenses, Neil's stunt would cost the local business money.

Neil made national headlines recently when Los Angeles County district attorney's office issued a warrant for his arrest on a charge of misdemeanor battery.

He was accused of punching producer Michael Schuman in the face several times on the night of April 28 in front of a nightclub.


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