'6 to 1' a prequel to '24 in 24'


— The people at Ski Town Productions and Pirate Theatre have another story line brewing about life in a ski town.

Last winter, the crew produced the stage production of "24 in 24: A Day in the Life of a Ski Town." It portrayed one day in a ski town when 24 inches of snow fell. The show was a series of skits and songs that included a lot of local social commentary on anything from tourists to local activists and issues. It was performed last winter at Levelz to large crowds.

Building off that success, Ski Town Productions will present "6 to 1, The Goods are Odd" next month in the Strings Music Tent. The show, which is being written right now, is a prequel to "24 in 24" and focuses on the lopsided male-to-female ratio in a ski town.

"We are basically bringing back a lot of the same characters," Ski Town Productions guru Brian Harvey said.

The story line tells the story of Dude, a typical snowboarder local who was a big part of "24 in 24." As it turns out, Dude is a Harvard graduate and had a fiancee when he came to the valley. Things changed when he couldn't find a job because he was overqualified and his girl left him.

The infamous organization known as BRAT (Being Rude Around Tourists) also reappears in "6 to 1" with an explanation on how the group was formed.

BRAT is known for making life for tourists in the valley difficult. It is patterned after some real-life issues and groups in the valley.

Basically, everyone is fair game to be satirized in Pirate Theatre shows. The Steamboat Springs City Council, American Skiing Co. and the newspaper are expected to take some lumps.

"We've got some really fun ideas," Harvey said.

It's no secret the production is a forum for ideas. However, Harvey said all sides get a jab or two sooner or later.

"It gives us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves," he said. "Obviously, anything we do is tongue and cheek."

Similar to "24 in 24," a mock newspaper called the Steamboat Pirate and Yesterday will be printed before "6 to 1" runs on Sept. 13 and 14. The newspaper is a guide to the show. It sets up jokes and generally introduces people to the honest, brash on unpredictable character of Pirate Theatre.

In addition to "6 to 1," Harvey said there are plans being made to take "24 in 24" on the road. Because most of the jokes are universal for ski towns, Harvey said they are considering taking it to Aspen and maybe Vail this winter.

Videos of "24 in 24"will also be made available, so those who didn't see the show can check it out before "6 to 1."

Tickets for "6 to 1, The Goods are Odd" and "24 in 24" videos will be on sale at All That Jazz. The show is Sept. 13 and 14.


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