Yes, the hummingbirds are still darting around the feeders, storing up to go south soon. The grasshoppers are shredding a lot of my petunias. But one amazing thing is that while a lot of the wildflowers have been pale and puny this summer, the fireweed, now in full bloom is tall, beautiful and big. You probably know fireweed wasn't named for color, but because it is the first flower that blooms after a forest fire.

We have a new couple that is all excited about building a cabin in our village. David and Lisa Wilkinson built their foundation recently at the very back streets, lots 9 to 12, block 4.

Soda's mom, Sandra McEntire of Denver, and cousin Linda from Austin, Texas, visited here last week. Then, Soda went to California to see his son.

A bunch of senior girls from Craig's Baptist Church came to the Higgins cabin last week, for a youth retreat before school starts. The youth leaders are Sari Cobb and Amy Fontenot of Craig. The group all came to the church service at the schoolhouse Sunday morning and sang a special song.

I think I told you about getting a letter from a bicyclist to Willa Riggins. Well, I got another interesting one, this time to Wigding Studio (Wiggins Studio, my business name), Hanns Picks Village.

I got a letter from Everett Coleman of Boulder, who wrote about his grandfather, Joseph Coleman, who came here about 1884. They worked on the Big Nozzle at Poverty Bar, the first summer, May through October. Joe said it took six months to control the nozzle, and one man to regulate that stream of water. They worked six days a week, 12 hours a day, and were paid cash on Saturday night. They would load in a wagon, and go to Steamboat to the bars. Some would simply disappear. On Monday morn there would be a new crew.

The Wetterbergs were rejoicing last week. Their son, Victor, finished in computer information systems at Southern Utah University. Come Saturday, he'll start looking for a job.

Dick isn't doing much this summer, except kinda preparing for their trip to Peru with Fivecoats in January. Dick has built some beautiful camp tables and has a really nice flower-surrounded eating area.

Joyce took a vacation from the Visitor Center last week. It was good just to stay home, work in the kitchen and watch Adah, their white dog, chase the momma and baby squirrel out in the trees.

Had a visit with Jeff and Sandy Clark last evening. They live here year-round on the first corner of N. Main. Their place has been heavy with commotion the last two weeks.

Jeff's mother, his two brothers, their wives, and their kids have been here. The commotion was fun. They took the kids up to Triple M Horse Ranch for three days' training at the horse camp, then went on SLO's trail ride around the lake.

The Jeff's brother came and brought his nephew, Graham, who will stay here for August. The same brother picked up his daughter and took her back to California.

While they were all here, they went camping at Crested Butte. Jeff's mother, Shirley Clark, came from Pennsylvania to be a part of all this fun. Then Abigail's cousin from California is also spending most of August here.

Besides all that, Jeff showed me their new ferret, who is living in a cage in their living room. Then Sandy was telling me how they all got excited when seven hummingbirds got stuck in their house.

Oh yes, Jeff's 78-year-old dad, Clark, was here in July. He had just finished navigating the world by himself in a sailboat.

Compiled by Rilla Wiggins


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