Sound Off for Aug. 11, 2002


I can be the editor
I'd like to be an editor. I don't have any morals, and I don't have any standards and I don't investigate anything whatsoever. But I'm pretty sure I could do just as much as your current editor. I'm not a mean person. I think that I could do as well as your current editor. I think that qualifies me. Doesn't it?

Mismanaged funds
I'm calling after reading Our View in Sunday's Pilot & Today that the Town Board in Oak Creek gave Cargo Rodeman $500 to pay for damage done to her yard last year by one of the town's public works employees. I'd like to know who is paying for the light pole that was taken out in front of the Colorado Bar and hasn't been replaced yet.

Opposing consolidation
In regard to the consolidation of the city and Mount Werner District, I absolutely oppose the consolidation at this point in time until proper contract negotiations can be had. At this point, I would view the city's participation in the district with a grain of salt and I think the rate structure needs to be addressed. As a Mount Werner District resident, I fear the city is going to perform a hostile takeover and raise our rates outside of what we should be paying.

I strongly oppose the consolidation of the city and Mount Werner Water districts. This is nothing more than a power grab by the Mount Werner Water District together with some of their fellow travelers on the City Council. It will be defeated.

City oversteps boundary
Somebody needs to remind the Steamboat City Council that they don't represent all of Routt County. They only represent Steamboat Springs and people in the city limits. Apparently they have forgotten that because they are sending this Triple Crown nightmare throughout the entire county. When it comes time that all of Routt County can vote for the City Council, maybe they would have the right to do this. But at this point, please keep Triple Crown within the Steamboat city limits.

Where are the locals?
As I look through today's Steamboat Today, once again I see pictures of Triple Crown kids from out of state and I don't see anything with our local kids. We had a tournament last Saturday and Sunday, and all weekend long our Steamboat Springs Youth Baseball League had tournaments and games and a barbecue and absolutely nothing was in our local paper. I'm starting to think the Pilot & Today is nothing more than a marketing venue for Triple Crown and I'm getting sick of it, especially having been a local of 22 years.


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