Sound Off for Aug. 4, 2002


String Cheese support
I think Steamboat should host another concert with the String Cheese Incident. It brought in good money for the community.

Mallard makes fun
I'm local here all summer. I spend my winters in Tucson. I enjoy both the Pilot and the Today, but I'm very upset about the Mallard Fillmore cartoon each day on the editorial page. It illustrates the stupid community as cross-eyed as well as the tolerant community as cross-eyed. I taught kindergarten for 20 years and I feel that children are very much damaged by making fun of people who are cross eyed. It affects them for life.

Get what's coming
Nice little article you got going there in the newspaper about the troll under the bridge. I can't wait until you guys get exactly what's coming to you. I hope you get your stupid bridge and every one of those $40,000 Suburbans that are parked in the post office parking lot gets towed. I'll bet the towing company puts all the proceeds toward maintenance of the bridge. I hope you guys get exactly what you want.

Ad unfair
I found the ad about the post office to be unfair. I, too, want the bridge, but I think that was taking things too far. We should be able to disagree about things without people getting mean and nasty. The fairy tale was not funny.

Get used to it
The reason that there are no Democrats on the ballot this year is that Routt County voters have made it perfectly clear that they are not going to vote for bleeding-heart liberals. This is a conservative county. The newspaper should get used to it and stop whining that there's no Democrats.

Tear down house
I just want to know why the city won't tear down that half-finished house on Fish Creek Falls Road. Nobody's done any work on it in years. I have to pass by that house every single day, and I don't understand why someone doesn't do something about it. It's a safety hazard and a health hazard.

I can be police chief
I would like to apply to be police chief in Oak Creek. I don't have a license and I don't have a gun, but I know how to look the other way when someone's driving drunk. I think that qualifies me, doesn't it?


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